TV3, recent but not conclusive discussion

TV3, recent but not conclusive discussion

BarcelonaThis Tuesday night, TV3 showed another debate that was advertised as Decisive. In any case, it was the final decision. Last before going to the polls. Ariadna Ultra began the debate with a dynamic exchange of questions between the candidates. An interesting exercise because it unnerves the political actors from a good start and announces the meaning of the confrontations. Random envelopes game, started before the news, created anticipation and seemed like it was supposed to be who knows what. In the end, I limited myself to drawing the first intervention for the discussion. Ariadna Ultra straightened resolutely. The tyranny of the timer forced her to demand brevity in almost every intervention. Time control and reminders to speed up interventions sometimes seem incompatible with the spirit of debate to stimulate debate. The use of augmented reality made it easier to separate thematic blocks and provide context data, complementing the elegant and simple set. The show, with the cyclorama in the background, confirms that Catalan Public Television is the channel offering the best special programs linked to the elections. The production, which is flexible, was keen to show not only interventions but also reactions to what was said, enhancing the intensity of some of the confrontations with some closed shots. What was new in this discussion was the integration of the culture and language cluster, as a result of a request from the sector. Salvador Illa recognized the good work done by the Minister of Culture of Aragon.


He also announced Nuria Barlon as Minister of the Interior and Josep Luis Trapero as Director General of Police. The fat woman left at twelve o’clock at night, after two hours of discussion. Carrizoza’s shirt appears to have finished with the match logo and already has a vintage feel to it. Ciudadans has maintained the tradition of bringing out the cardboard from behind the podium and the philosophy that it is better to live against TV3. Garriga added, describing TV3 as a “hate factory.” He also won for the originality of the objects on display. First, Vox took anti-rape spray out of his pocket to denounce public insecurity.

Puigdemont was the biggest absentee, not only in terms of presence, but also symbolically. His name was practically not mentioned in the entire discussion. It is not clear whether the TV3 debate will be decisive. Of course, this was the fourth time the eight candidates had done so within a week. It also means that politicians are already tired of repeating the same arguments over and over again. The recent debate is also a victim of repetition of ideas.

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