Sabadell leaves state of emergency due to drought

Sabadell leaves state of emergency due to drought

Sabadell -And the rest of the municipalities of Western Valles- We say goodbye Drought emergency. The Interdepartmental Drought Committee on Tuesday agreed to lift this phase across the region Ter LlobregatThis is after reserves recovered as a result of the rains witnessed in recent weeks. In fact, just over a week ago, our city recorded the wettest day since October 22, 2019. A situation that allowed… Relaxation measures.

“The plan’s protocols talk about the water threshold in the tanks. The current numbers are higher than what the emergency declaration plan says. They are even close to the data that would allow us to leave the exception. Technically, this is intended to be the case, and therefore it is possible.” “It is a justified decision, not made suddenly.” David Suria geographer from Sabadell and an expert in water management and other natural hazards in the Mediterranean.

Currently, the reservoirs of this region are regional Rub 25% With his ability, with More than 150 cubic hectaresThis is a scenario that has not happened for almost a year. However, with everything, the expectation is that the phase is changing From emergency to exception It will take effect on Monday, when it is published in the State Official Gazette (DOGC).

A drought emergency was declared on February 1 In 202 municipalities Which is part of this region. When the matter returns to the exceptional situation, water will be provided to each resident daily 230 litres And not 200 as it was in the emergency scenario. “From the citizen’s point of view… There are a few changes that affect us“, comments Saori, who recalls that despite the easing of restrictions, You need to keep saving. In his opinion, the decision has two main axes: on the one hand, alleviating the difficulties that the agricultural sector has been suffering from in recent months, especially with regard to agriculture. agriculture to irrigation -Which can increase water use by up to 40%-. On the other hand, the tourismEspecially with regard to the possibility of filling municipal swimming pools, as well as hotels, clubs and sports organizations.

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New framework allowed Filling this equipment for general use Just Summer is coming. In fact, these matters should not be considered anymore Climate shelters To be able to accommodate attendees, as stipulated in the previous amendment to the state plan. They can too Refilling swimming pools for private use Which has a water recycling system, without the need to facilitate access to all citizens, a complex option that has been on the table until now.

Lessons from the current drought

Changes are coming to 202 Catalan municipalities Which drink from the Ter-Llobregat system, and among them there are such large cities as Barcelona, ​​Girona, Mataro, Terrassa, Sabadell or Granollers. As explained by the Minister for Climate Action. David Mascourt,The expectation is that the exception can be maintained At least until DecemberTaking into account the water resources available today.

About this, Saori considers it Lessons must be learned from the current droughtSummer is upon us, which is expected to be very hot again in our house. “The 2008 drought taught us an alternative Water desalination. This bet has brought us on Renewable water“, he defines himself, at a time when a new building is being built drinking water Like the one Besòs gained momentum.

At the same time, the expert adds, the new resource management should also relieve pressure on us Ebro transportation system. “With citizen demand and new resources contained, we should be able to leave the entire Delta and Ebro region in peace,” he asserts.

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