An alternative take on the Celtics-Cavs series

This series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics is like a season of 24. There’s Jack Bauer (LeBron), the guy who makes everything run smoothly. There’s Chloe O’Brian (Mo Williams), Tony Almeida (Shaq), and Curtis Manning (Antawn Jamison) —… Continue Reading

Thinking about the Celts and Cavs

The Boston Celtics showed me something with their series victory over the Miami Heat. They showed me they aren’t completely terrible. After a decidedly lopsided matchup with the Miami Wade, the Celtics aren’t so lucky in their next opponent; they’ll… Continue Reading

Honoring the League’s Biggest Floppers

The playoffs are among us. LeBron is dominating, Kevin Garnett’s brawling, and the Suns aren’t playing defense (in fact, the rim played better defense on Marcus Camby’s dunk attempt than any actual person did any other time). But that’s not all… Continue Reading