The streets of Blanes are filled with zombies at the film festival

The streets of Blanes are filled with zombies at the film festival

Blanes One of the most prominent events of the International Film Festival, which is being held this week in the municipality, was held this Sunday evening. This is the first “Zombie Walk”, a parade in which all participants dress up and dress up as the living dead. To achieve this image, 35 students from the Aesthetics and Beauty course at the Ramón Toro y Darder Institute in Malgrat de Mar applied makeup to all participants. In addition, the musical performance was accompanied by the Blanes Concert Band and Musin Joan Patel. The activity concluded in the exhibition hall, where the horror films participating in the competition were shown.

In the middle of the afternoon, 35 students from the cosmetology and beauty training course began applying makeup to all participants of the zombie march in Blanes. They did this under the supervision of teachers who helped them characterize all participants, especially children and young people, so that they resembled the living dead.

At about a quarter past seven in the afternoon, they all left the Plaça dels Dies Feiners to begin the most terrifying parade Blanes had seen to date, which covered a large part of the streets of the old town of Blanes. All the zombies walked, accompanied by the musicians of the Blanes Concert Band and Bishop Joan Batley.

After touring the city, participants walked up Carrer Ample Street to the Blanes Theater, which has become the headquarters of the Blanes Costa Brava International Film Festival. All horror films entered into the competition were screened.

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