Porsche 911 Hybrid: debut is about to arrive

Porsche 911 Hybrid: debut is about to arrive

Historical moment – There are still a few days left to discover all the detailed specifications of the premiere Porsche 911 hybrid. In fact, the German company announced that the car will be unveiled on May 28 as part of the presentation Hair restyling Of the current generation 911 (it will be called 992.2). This represents a historic turning point in the history of the 911, which over its 61-year history has earned a reputation for dynamic performance.

Lots of tests – In order not to lose the identity of the 911, Porsche planned to Extensive testing program Which occurred in urban traffic, on roads outside cities and of course on the track. Clearly, there has been no shortage of testing carried out in cold climates and extreme heat, such as in the final testing stages in Dubai.

It’s going strong – In the setting on the Nordschleife Nürburgring, which was always of particular interest during the development of the 911, the Teutonic sports car completed a lap of the track in 7 minutes, 16 seconds and 0.934 tenths, 8.7 seconds less than the corresponding version of the previous model. The test car was fitted with the standard road tires and aerodynamics package and was equipped withRear wing Fixed, and is now offered as an option for several model generations (ensuring greater downforce at high speeds).

Ready for production After five million kilometers of development driving, the Porsche R&D team announced the end of preparatory testsStart of production In the 911 hybrid series. Porsche brand ambassador and test driver, Jörg Bergmeister, confirms that the new 911 is faster on the track, with greater grip, greater power and better acceleration.

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Electrician in gearbox – According to rumours, the 911’s hybrid powertrain is not a plug-in but is used An unprecedented six-cylinder Together with A Engine/alternator It is located inside the dual-clutch gearbox. This would also allow us to reduce the weight, which should increase by only a few tens of kilograms.

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