Two police officers injured in Urquinaona defend that they are victims of terrorism

After the closure due to the Catalan election campaign, the issue of the democratic tsunami has been reactivated. This Tuesday, this was announced by two policemen who were injured in the protests in Urquinaona They demand recognition as victims of terrorism.

The two agents were questioned about the injuries they sustained and the situation they were exposed to, especially on October 18 in Via Lietana.

As they mentioned, they both suffered, one with an open fracture of the radius and the other with trauma to the skull that caused convulsions. After they were accepted and due to the consequences, they ended up retiring For permanent total disability.

One of the prosecuting attorneys asked about the protest at the airport compared to Urkinauna and the officers agreed that the situation was very different.

As they reported, they were I was attacked by groups numbering between 2,500 and 3,000 people. Very organized, they feared for their lives. That’s how he explained it Angel Hernandez One of the officers who wanted to speak to the media after the statement:

“At some point I felt my life was in danger. My physical safety was seriously affected, and I also suffer from psychological complications.”

According to what one of the lawyers said. The demonstrators wanted there to be deaths, He confirms that the clients spent one of the most difficult days of their lives. Hernández said his unit usually works to suppress protests by miners in Asturias or Galician fishermen, but what happened in Catalonia was not like that:

“We’ve never seen anything this big before.”

The defendants denounce the “fraudulent use” of the crime of terrorism to fight amnesty

The statement comes after the judge in charge of the tsunami case, National Court Judge Manuel García Castellon, was cited on Monday. The majority of those investigated gave testimony via video conference.

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Specifically, on Tuesday, the 11 people investigated issued a joint statement in which they condemned one “Fraudulent use of the crime of terrorism” And the judiciary’s will to boycott the entry into force of the amnesty law.

The signatories are among them carles Puigdemont, Charge the National Court and the Supreme Court To align with the extreme right To “delegitimize” the law, which they say “meets international standards.”

Stationing at the airport called for by the Democratic Tsunami (FilaWeb – Albert Salama)

The 11 investigated also signed a statement supporting him ERC, TOGETHER, CUP I Omnium Cultural. In general, on the same day that two policemen injured in Urquinauna announced before the National Court that they had allegedly been recognized as victims of terrorism.

They accuse a “political issue” that causes them “incapacity.”

The 11 investigated in the tsunami case – most of whom are in exile – denounced that “the charge of terrorism, which is arbitrary, is used to suppress terrorism.” Blocking the path opened by amnesty To regain some of the oppression he was subjected to.”

Specifically, the pardon faces the final stage of its processing, after the People’s Party vetoed it on Tuesday in the Senate, an initial step to return to Congress for approval.

In addition to Puigdemont, the statement was also signed by his chief of staff, Josep Luis Allai; Secretary General of the ERC, Marta Rovira; MP in Parliament Robin Wagensburg And the journalist Jesus Rodriguezamong other things.

Those under investigation reported that they faced a “A political case before courts without jurisdiction Nor neutral” and that to “the fraudulent use of the crime of terrorism” are added “years of secret investigations, police penetration into the trade union fabric or illegal spying with Pegasus on politicians, activists, journalists and lawyers in Catalonia.”

“In the face of this situation and the legal impotence it causes, we want to emphasize the guarantees of our rights that are currently threatened, which any rule of law should guarantee in a democratic system.”

The signatories point out that the tsunami demonstrations were framed as a “non-violent action” and also that repressive measures such as the imprisonment of the operation’s leaders “were It was condemned by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary DetentionThe Council of Europe and the main international human rights organizations.

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