DeMar DeRozan Drops 40: Thoughts on the NBA for 1/23/14


DeMar DeRozan dropped 40 points last night, and Drake is wit' it and 'bout it. The 40 spot was a career-high for DeRozan and helped the Raptors to a win over the Mavericks. Just as impressive


NBA Trade Deadline Wrap-Up

So with the bevy of deals made in the past few days, some surprising, some not, I think it would be appropriate to discuss all the major deals with our loyal readers. These deals are sure to change the landscape of the NBA. There are two deals in particular that really delivered. This trade deadline has certainly lived up to the hype. So without further ado, let’s breakdown all the major trade talk.


The first major trade was obviously Carmelo Anthony going to the Knicks.

TO NEW YORK: Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman, Shelden Williams, Corey Brewer

TO DENVER: Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, a 2014 first round pick, and 2012 and 2013 second round picks

TO MINNESOTAA: Eddy Curry, and Anthony Randolph

This trade obviously is huge. Carmelo gets his extension, and gets to play with his good friend Amar’e Stoudemire. He also gets to play under the shining lights in New York. Carmelo had a solid first game in blue and orange with 27 points and 10 boards. Chauncey Billups may be the key to this trade, as he has plenty of playoff experience and a Finals MVP under his belt. He may be the leader that this team needs. Look forward to big things from New York next year, especially if they can land Chris Paul or Dwight Howard in 2012. Continue Reading


Lakers Look to Shake Things Up

Attention NBA: The Lakers may be looking to shake up their roster. Can they strike lightning twice, and pull off a steal like they did when they acquired Pau Gasol? Perhaps. Or maybe they are just looking for a slight adjustment to their roster. Or maybe they won’t do anything at all, and just stand pat. I mean, sure the Lakers have the second best record in the Western Conference, but they are 6-4 in their last ten and sit seven and a half games back of the San Antonio Spurs, headed into tonight’s game with Houston. So it’s not like they are fighting for a playoff spot, but this is a team everyone expected to run away with the West and make a fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

So, who’s available? I think of the main players available, Andrew Bynum, Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom would be most attractive. What positions do the Lakers need to improve? I think the small forward position needs an upgrade, and possibly the center position. So let’s rundown a few possible trade scenarios. Continue Reading


NBA Roundtable: Magic Moves, Brandon Roy, and Heat vs. Lakers

Basketball fans, welcome to another edition of the NBA Roundtable here on Saving the Skyhook! Once again, we have brought in some writers from around the FanSided NBA network to discuss the hot topics around the league, so let’s get right to this week’s introductions and topics! Continue Reading


Game Power Rankings: 11/20/10

Nuggets Carmelo Anthony #15 smiles as the Nuggets beat the Lakers 106-103 during game two of a Western Conference final playoff basketball game between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center on Thursday May 21, 2009 in Los Angeles Photo via Newscom

(Source: Yardbarker.com)

Even without Kevin Durant and Jeff Green, the Thunder went into Boston last night and picked up a huge win against the Celtics. Everything else went pretty much according to plan, although the now 10-1 Spurs were more impressive on the road in Utah than I thought they would be. I’d say it’s time to start giving the Spurs a little more love.

We’ve got nine games on the schedule for tonight, so let’s rank them from must not see to must-see: Continue Reading


Playoff Preview: Part 1

As the playoffs begin this Saturday, April 17, I’ll be doing two series previews a day to have them all covered by the time the games start. To begin, I’ll look at the 1-vs.-8 West matchup and 2-vs.-7 East matchup today, as those are the only ones completely solidified in both conferences. Without further ado …

Eastern Conference: No. 2 Orlando Magic vs. No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats

The Bobcats do have a chance to tie with the Bucks for overall record tonight, but Milwaukee holds the tiebreaker, so Charlotte will be relegated to the seventh slot.

The Magic are playing fantastic ball, and they hold the league’s best post-break record at 22-5. They also hold the series advantage for the season over the Bobcats 3-1. Dwight Howard’s averages are slightly down against Charlotte at 16.5 points and 10.3 rebounds, but Larry Brown coaches one of the few centers who can hope to contain Superman in Tyson Chandler.

The Bobcats have been playing good ball this season, too, and they are an astounding 31-9 in their home floor. Their success can be attributed in large part to Gerald Wallace, who has been an integral contributor on the offensive and defensive end. Moreover, Stephen Jackson is providing the veteran leadership this team needs and is scoring to boot: At 20.7 points per game, he is 15th overall in the league.

After it’s all said and done, though, I have to imagine Orlando pulls this one out. They’ll play four games on their home court, where they best even the Bobcats at 33-7. Moreover, their stacked starting lineup and depth of rotation should be too much for Charlotte, which lacks enough bodies up front to contend with Howard, Rashard Lewis, Marcin Gortat, Brandon Bass, and Ryan Anderson.

Charlotte takes two of three at home, but Orlando wins the series 4-2 in six games.

Western Conference: No. 1 Los Angeles Lakers vs. No. 8 Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder surprised everyone by making the playoffs for the first time since the franchise relocated from Seattle. The postseason appearance would not have been possible without the emergence of Kevin Durant as an NBA star, Russell Westbrook’s marked improvement, and the quality leadership of coach Scott Brooks. That said, they have one hell of an opponent in the first round.

The Lakers, widely considered the favorites for the title at the beginning of the season, have struggled in the second half. Owing to injuries to center Andrew Bynum and forward Luke Walton, the rotation has been stripped thin, and they haven’t played up to standard. The defending champions are a mediocre (at least by their expectations) 15-11 since all-star weekend, and it has many starting to worry, especially after Oklahoma City put a hurting on the Lakers 91-76 March 26.

Nevertheless, The Thunder will have to play nearly flawless ball to oust Kobe and Co. from the postseason. Los Angeles will have home-court advantage in the first round, and they have been appreciably more dominant at the Staples Center. If Andrew Bynum is back for the entire series, it will be over in 5. Oklahoma City lacks the front-court talent to best Bynum and Pau Gasol, so they should have a field day in the paint.

That said, Bryant should have a tough time scoring on the Thunder as a result of his injuries and the matchups he’ll have. There will be almost no time during the series he won’t draw an assignment from Thabo Sefolosha or Durant, both of whom have the length and athleticism to bother No. 24. Furthermore, Westbrook’s ability to best Derek Fisher is well-documented, so that’s another circumstance in the underdog’s favor. If Bynum misses part or all of the series, it may very well go to seven games. Regardless, the Lakers move on.

Oklahoma City takes two of three at home, but Los Angeles wins the series 4-2 in six games.

Look back tomorrow for two more playoff previews.

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