Throw The Talented Young Dynamos A Bone, Won’t You?

You see, Joe is very smart. That’s why his thought goes here. (Joe): I think it’s the offense. Seriously. Our defense is very very good, top 6 or 7 actually. You can’t be unhappy about that. The offense shoots considerably… Continue Reading

Joe Johnson And The Systemic Eval Crashers

And I very much get that nearly every shot by Joe Johnson is forced. Forced does not mean bad. When you methodically drive at that slow a pace, you are rarely not going to have a contested shot. Nique remarks… Continue Reading

Shaq Is Still Bad For Your Team Defense, Just In Really Interesting Ways

However, Shaq’s inability to step out on the pick-and-roll, among other factors, has caused the Cavs to regress in how well they’ve defended the mid-range shot. Last season, the Cavaliers were better than the league average at defending shots from… Continue Reading

Brash And Bullish Defeat Dull And Efficient: Celtics vs. Spurs Stuff

The C’s did a nice job keeping Parker out of the paint with just a few exceptions. Specifically, they designed their defense to keep him out of the middle of the paint. Watch how Rondo defended Parker whenever Tony got… Continue Reading

When The Idol Becomes Fodder: The Tyrus Thomas Trade Discussion

Several sources believe the Bulls are agreeable to a package of Thomas and Jerome James for Knicks forward Al Harringtonn. Thus far, Walsh has resisted parting with Harrington, but discussions are still active and the teams have explored different combinations… Continue Reading