Saving The Skyhook Staff Predictions – Three-Point Contest

All-Star Weekend is officially underway. One of Saturday night’s premier events is the Three-Point Contest, which features Kyrie Irving, Joe Johnson, Arron Afflalo and Bradley Beal from the Eastern Conference and Kevin Love, Damian Lillard, Marco Belinelli and Stephen Curry from the Western Conference. Who will take home the shooter’s crown? Check out what the Saving the Skyhook staff thinks:

Matthew Hochberg: Stephen Curry

This wasn’t a difficult decision for me. For the contest that highlights the ability to shoot, I’m choosing the best shooter on the planet as my champion: Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II. The Golden State Warriors star has knocked down 171 three-pointers this season, which leads the NBA. He consistently drains tough shots in the face of defenders. We may be witnessing a three-point shooting contest for the record books.

Jack Maloney: Stephen Curry

Again we have a new twist as the participants will have a money ball rack instead of just one money ball at the end of each rack. This was an easy pick for me, as I’m going with Steph Curry to take home the trophy. He’s the best shooter in the league, and that’s with defenders in his face non-stop. On Saturday night, he’ll get to shoot all by himself, and that’s not a good thing for the rest of the field.

Matt Constas: Stephen Curry

He is so smooth shooting the basketball. I wanted to go with the dark horse Marco Belinelli but I just couldn’t because if Curry gets in a rythym everything will go in.

Sam Kuperman: Joe Johnson

Johnson is back in the contest for the first time since the 04-05 season, when he was with the Phoenix Suns. Video has gone viral of him practicing for the competition over the past week, and Johnson looks locked in. This is the type of event where a player like Johnson can be extremely effective, as he not only has his 3-point shot down to a science, but is also arguably the most clutch player on the planet right now. Also, with the new rule implemented about one rack being the “money rack,” Johnson can shoot all 5 money balls from whichever spot on the floor he chooses. This should help him out big time considering he shoots 49 percent from the left wing.

Michael Wesson: Joe Johnson

Kyrie Irving won last year’s event and honestly he wasn’t shooting that great of a percentage from deep heading into the contest. This year, it is even worse. My pick is Joe Johnson. I think Joe Cool is just one of those guys, who if he gets hot can really light it up and I just have a feeling he will be taking home the trophy. Plus, I think the Nets need something to hang their hat on this season barring that they do not make the playoffs.

Who do you think will win the Three-Point Contest?