Ask A Blogger: Bo Churney

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Today, we get to hear from Hawks Hoop editor and Hardwood Paroxysm contributor, Bo Churney. Bo does a lot of great work covering the Atlanta Hawks, so if you’re a Hawks fan check out his stuff and follow him on Twitter dot com (@bochurney) where you’ll find him talking about the NBA, lions and #ATLShawty.

1. In just a few sentences, can you tell us who you write for/what your job is?

I am the managing editor of, which is part of ESPN’s Truehoop Network. Essentially, my job is to keep the Truehoop Network up to date on all things about the Atlanta Hawks. I’m also one of the 7 billion people that writes for Hardwood Paroxsym.


2. How did you first get interested in/started with writing about basketball?

I had always had an attachment to basketball, but it really ramped up when the Hawks started their current run of consecutive playoffs made back in 2008. That playoff series against the Celtics made me believe one thing: the Hawks could actually be a fun team! I started following the team a lot closer after that year and found myself in ESPN’s Daily Dime Live as a commenter in the 2010-11 season. There, I met guys like Zach Harper and Andrew Lynch, and I started to forge an interest in actually putting my thoughts down somewhere.


3. How does a normal day of blogging go for you?

If I’m not actually at a game or doing school stuff, I spend a lot of my free time keeping track of Twitter and my emails, just trying not to miss anything important. I also peruse Basketball-Reference a lot to see if I find anything that piques my writing interests.


4. Switching to basketball things, what is one low-key thing in the league (player, team, set, etc.) that you really like watching right now that casual fans may not know about?

Well, I would NEVER use this opportunity to plug something that I w… yeah, I totally would. Mike Scott. Just everything about Mike Scott, from his improving basketball game, to his constant interview-bombing antics. He’s just a fun person to be around and I hope that his play starts to get recognized more and more.


5. You’re a Hawks blogger, so what has been your favorite Hawks moment this year?

I think it has to be Pero Antic’s one-legged three-pointer that forced overtime against the Bobcats. The fun part is that I had actually left my media seat at the top of 117 in Philips Arena so I could get down to the media room before the game ended so I wouldn’t have to fight fans going up the stairs the opposite direction when the game ended. As soon as I sat down in the media room, I hear this loud roar from the Arena and look up at the monitors in the media room and said “wait, WHAT?!?” The media and locker room atmosphere after that game was just fantastic. Fun times.


So there you have it. Thanks again to Bo for stopping by, and make sure you go follow him on Twitter (@bochurney) to talk about your favorite pictures of lions.

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