It’s Rondo Day! Let’s Celebrate

Hopefully you’re already awake, but if not:


Just less than a year ago, Rajon Rondo tore his ACL during a game against the Atlanta Hawks. He played 45 minutes that night, registering a triple double with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. It wasn’t until a few days later that they announced the ACL was torn. The news broke during the middle of the Celtics’ big win over the Heat, effectively ending the Celtics season, and closing the door on the “Big Three” era. Paul Pierce’s face scrunching up in shock and sadness after Doris Burke accidentally broke the news to him is still clear in my mind.

It’s been a long year, and a lot has changed with the Celtics, but none of that matters today, because in just a few hours, Rondo is coming back. The Celtics welcome the Lakers into the TD Garden at 7:30 tonight, and taking the court for the first time in 29,233,380 seconds, will be NUMBER NINNEEEEE, RAJJONNNNNNNN RONNNNNNDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

That’s literally all that matters today. Like, it’s my 21st birthday tomorrow and I don’t even care, because Rondo is coming back. Rondo’s back, Rondo’s, back, got basketball twitter screaming Rondo’s back!

So, in order to celebrate the national holiday of Rondo Day, here are some great Rondo things that you should check out in order to remind yourself (if you somehow forgot) that Rondo is awesome.

First, you should read this piece by Kirk Goldsberry from over at Grantland, about Rondo’s shooting, which (spoiler alert), isn’t as bad as you think.

Next, we have highlights from Game 2 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, in which Rondo almost singlehandedly lead the Celtics to a win over the Heat. Unfortunately, his 44 points and 10 assists were not enough.


Here’s some defenders getting Rondo’d, as Rajon embarrasses them with his patented ball fake.


Rondo’s unreal, spinning, mid-air, behind-the-back pass to Ray Allen from a few years ago.


His famous hustle and dive for a loose ball against the Magic that is still one of the most incredible plays I’ve ever seen.


Rondo’s behind-the-back pass to Tony Allen that faked out LeBron James.


#NeverForget the time Rondo tried to play with sunglasses because of an injury to his eye.


Here’s the the time Rondo yammed on Jason Maxiell, and was almost killed in the process.


Then there was this dunk, where he soared for a big dunk and left Chris Bosh hopelessly standing there. (Also bonus footage of Rondo cramming on Bosh from his rookie season.)



#Rare footage of Rondo doing a 360 degree dunk against the Kevin Durant and the Seattle Super Sonics.


I could share countless more videos, but I’ll leave you with this nine minute mix of Rondo passing highlights.


Change your face, everybody, it’s Rondo Day!