Lion Face Lemon Face 12/21/13: D.J. Augustin #NBABallot

There was a lot going on in the NBA last night, so here’s me helping you out by pointing out all the good and not-so-good stuff with Lion Face/Lemon Face.

Let’s get it!

Lion Face: Blake Griffin’s handles

Because 6-foot-10 power forwards aren’t meant to be able to weave their way past one of the quickest point guards in the NBA with a series of behind-the-back, dipsy-doodle, AND1-like moves.

That Blake Griffin guy is pretty special.

Lemon Face: Those damn injuries

Brook Lopez has fractured his right foot for the third time in two years and will miss the rest of the season, Jeff Taylor (who was the Bobcats’ replacement in the starting five for the already injured Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) is also out for the season after tearing his Achilles on Thursday and Patrick Beverley will be sidelined for 4-to-6 weeks with a fracture in his hand. Damn you, injuries. Damn you.

Lion Face: The Swag Mamba

He’s hitting four point plays like he’s the second coming of Jamal Crawford. He’s calling himself “Swaggy Rambo” on Instagram. Mike D’Antoni said that when he starts “swagging,” it gets him going. (Seriously, he really said that). Yes, ladies and gentleman, I’m talking about the Nick Young and until Kobe Bryant comes back in six-something weeks time, he’s going to be taking all the shots. I love Swag Time. If you don’t, I feel sorry for you because, well, this:

And this:

Lemon Face: D.J. Augustin outplays Kyrie Irving on national television

D.J. Augustin put up 18 points, 10 assists and five rebounds against the Cavaliers last night, while Mr. Kyrie Irving finished with 14 points, five assists and two rebounds.

D.J. Augustin #NBABallot.

Also, who decided that the Cavaliers visiting the Bulls was NBA TV worthy? Because, uhhhh, it really wasn’t. That Thunder vs. Spurs game, though…

Lion Face: Russell Westbrook is awesome

In his last eight games, Russell Westbrook is averaging 22.3 points, 9.6 assists, 7.6 rebounds and 1.5 steals. That’s #PointGodly. To add to that, the Thunder haven’t lost a game in over three weeks, thanks in large part to that Russ guy. And it’s not like all those wins were handed to them on a silver platter. For example, last night they busted through the gates at the AT&T Center and stomped all over the Spurs, beating them by 13 on their home-court.

And how did Russell play? I’m glad you asked. He scored a game-high 31 points on 13-for-22 shooting. Remember when people said that he made the Thunder worse. Ha! Yeah. That was fun.

Lemon Face: Tony Allen shooting threes

He scored 19 points against the woeful Knicks, but him air-balling a three and throwing his hands up in the air while laughing his way back down the court was the most memorable moment of Tony Allen’s night at the Garden.

Lion Face: Enes Kanter’s note

Rumor has is it that Enes Kanter left this note for Al Jefferson. It’s pretty great in a ridiculous way.

Lemon Face: The Alphabet gets baptized 


Lion Face: Darren Collison’s buzzer-beater

I think Darren Collison may have a thing for one-legged, “oh, my God, no he didn’t” buzzer-beaters, you guys. He hit one against the Oklahoma City Thunder around this time last year and he did it again yesterday against the Denver Nuggets.

I’m not sure I’d want to challenge him to a game of H.O.R.S.E.

Lemon Face: The Pistons’ defense

The Rockets were without Jeremy Lin, James Harden and Omer Asik last night, as well as Patrick Beverley and Greg Smith for most of the game and for some reason, the Pistons decided not to double Dwight Howard. The result: 35 points on an incredible efficient 13-for-18 shooting and 19 rebounds for Rockets’ big man. Oh, and Houston won by 17.

This shouldn’t have happened. This is so Detroit.

Props to r/NBA for all the GIFs.

Scott Rafferty