Pass of the Night: Ricky Rubio to Kevin Love (Video)

Ricky Rubio has reclaimed his rightful place as the king of Pass of the Night, so all is right with the world.

Last night, the Minnesota Timberwolves traveled down south to Dallas, Texas, to take on the Mavericks. After losing three in a row, and five of their last six outings, the T’Wolves were looking to get things back on track.

And thanks to solid performances all around from each starter, they got the job done. Led by 27 points from Kevin Martin, and yet another double-double from Kevin Love (21 points, 11 rebounds), the Wolves took home a 112-106 win.

The play of the night, however, came from our good buddy Ricky Ruuuubbbiiiooooooo. The young Spanish point guard struggled shooting the ball last night (4-12 from the field), but did chip in 7 assists. Late in the 4th quarter, he provided the prettiest – and most important – one of the night.

After dropping the ball into Kevin Love in the post, Rubio floated out to the corner. After Love couldn’t get anything going, however, the duo executed a dribble handoff on the left wing. Grabbing the ball, Rubio started going right and then quickly crossed over to his left and began driving to the basket.

He drew three Mavericks defenders, including Dirk Nowitzki, who was guarding Kevin Love. But even though Love was wide open, it didn’t seem like Rubio had any way of getting a pass to him. But Rubio has magical powers, and he used them to throw a backwards bounce pass to the power forward. Love corralled the pass and knocked down the triple, which gave the Wolves a 10 point lead with under 2 minutes remaining and sealed the win.


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