Gerald Henderson Hits Woman in the Head With Errant Pass (Video)

Earlier tonight, the Charlotte Bobcats welcomed the Milwaukee Bucks to town, and promptly sent them packing, offering only a 92-76 defeat as a parting gift.

I could tell you some things about the game, but who cares. This was a boring, early season blowout between two irrelevant teams.

So, given that information, you may be wondering what, then, is the point of this post? Well, here you go.

That would be the Bobcats’ Gerald Henderson hitting a woman in the head with an errant pass, courtesy of our favorite Bobcats blogger, Ben Swanson, a.k.a. Cardboard Gerald.

Following the game, Henderson took to Twitter to apologize for the accident.

Nothing else to add here, other than hopefully the woman is okay.