LeBron James Airballs Layup (Video)

Down big at halftime last night to the Orlando Magic, the Miami Heat clawed their way back in the second half and were eventually bailed out by the King. With 15 second left, LeBron James hit a mid-range jumper to give the Heat the win 101-99.

But earlier in the night, LeBron found himself looking more like a peasant than a king.

A few minutes into the game, LeBron found himself out on the fast break. As he does so often, LeBron took it all the way himself, but instead of jamming it or laying it in like usual, he missed the shot.

Now that isn’t so newsworthy, even great player miss layups sometimes, but he didn’t just miss it, he airballed it. Yep, LeBron James airballed a finger roll.

LeBron chokes again. So un-clutch.