Tuesday Tales: Chris Kaman Goes Hunting: Chapter 4

After a week away, we’re back with Tuesday Tales! Today we bring you Chapter 4 of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting.” If you missed the previous chapters, you can check them out here.

After fumbling with the key card, Chris threw open the door to room 104, the trio’s new home for the weekend. Inside were two beds – each of them much to small to accommodate NBA sized bodies – a comfortable, but small couch, an empty desk, along with a fairly nice wooden table.

The building they were staying in was on top of a hill, providing an awesome view of the land below. Making his way over to the large window, Nick stared out into the open desert and rolling hills that spread out before them – vast and seemingly empty – like the ocean back in Los Angeles. Some of the hills were barren, only home to rocks and sand, while shrubbery and patches of tough grass covered the others. Sticking out here and there were the odd groups of trees, bunched together as if they knew they didn’t belong, but found comfort in being around others like themselves.

Eventually they got everything settled, deciding that they would play cards later at night for the two beds. As for the third person, he would be sleeping on a multitude of cots – four of them put together to be exact – that Robert had called down to the front desk for.

With everything good to go in their room, the guys headed down to the lobby. They met with the owners of the ranch, brothers Adam and David, who offered to show them around the property, which all together covered over 7,500 acres. Jumping on ATVs, the crew took off. Desperately, Chris, Robert and Nick tried to keep up with the brothers, who flew from place to place, pointing out landmarks and the best hiding spots.

After an hour or so, the caravan of ATVs made their way back to the lodge, where the two groups parted ways. Adam and David were off to get some work done around the ranch, while the trio of Lakers were ready for some lunch, exhausted from the early morning drive and trying to keep up with the brothers. As they ate their burgers and homemade fries from the lodge’s kitchen, the guys discussed plans for the afternoon and the rest of the weekend.

It was decided that they would head back upstairs for a quick nap, before getting in a few hours of hunting time later in the afternoon. Nick was nice enough to volunteer to take the cots, and within 5 minutes all three of them were fast asleep, dreams of wild boar filling their heads.

Tune in next week for the fifth installment of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting.”