The Squirrel That Ruined JaVale McGee’s Elmo Pumpkin

There are some things that happen in this world that you just can’t make up off the top of your head and this happens to be one of them.

In this documentary-styled Instagram video, JaVale McGee tells a quick story about the death of his Elmo pumpkin. Apparently, he was really proud of his carving ability and why shouldn’t he be? It can’t be easy to make a pumpkin look like Elmo. But unfortunately for JaVale, some obnoxious squirrel decided to feast on it and now, well, it’s ruined. And to add to all that, the “little vermin” didn’t even touch the other ridiculously well carved pumpkin, much to JaVale’s disgust.

JaVale’s Halloween may be ruined now. I hope you’re happy, squirrel.

Scott Rafferty