Tuesday Tales: Chris Kaman Goes Hunting: Chapter 1

Welcome to a new, hopefully reoccurring feature here at Saving the Skyhook: “Tuesday Tales,” a fan fiction style post, featuring your favorite players from across the league.

Kicking off “Tuesday Tales” is a story called “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting.” This tale will be coming in multiple installments. Today we have Chapter 1. 


It was still dark out when the alarm jolted him awake. Grabbing at his phone, Chris finally found it and hit snooze a few times. After a few, precious extra minutes of sleep he eventually got out of bed. Groggy and half-awake, he got dressed and gathered his bags filled with gear and supplies. Following a quick bite to eat and an energy drink, he loaded up his truck and got on the road. He was on his way to the team’s training facility in El Segundo to meet Robert Sacre. The two had bonded quickly over the summer and Chris was taking Robert along on his last hunting trip before the season started.

Too early for music or radio, he rolled down his window as he merged onto the freeway. The crisp morning air whipping in his face and the sounds of other cars whizzing by woke him out of his daze. It was Los Angeles after all, and no matter time it was, there was bound to be other cars on the road.

As he cruised along, his thoughts drifted back to his time in LA with the Clippers. He had come here straight after college at Central Michigan. Coming from Michigan, where he had spent most of his life, Los Angeles was a shock at first. And those were some tough years – what with all the injuries and losing – but nevertheless he enjoyed his time here. It was one of the main reasons he had joined the Lakers back in July.

Before long, he pulled into the Toyota Sports Center. It was just past 5:30 in the morning, so he was surprised to see more than one car in the parking lot. Robert’s car made sense, but what about the all-black Maybach (but I’m not a racist) parked a few spots away.

He wondered out loud, “Is it a guy on the Kings here early for some reason?”

“No it can’t be, they’re holding training camp out of town,” he continued to himself.

By this point Chris’ truck had slowed to a crawl as he tried to figure out what the extra car was doing there. Then he drove past and saw the license plate, and he knew:


Tune in next week for the second installment of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting”