Pass of the Night: Jarrett Jack to Anthony Bennett (Video)

It was a jam-packed offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they selected Anthony Bennett with the first overall pick and signed free agents, Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark and Andrew Bynum to contracts. The moves, along with Kyrie Irving and expected improvement from Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson has given the Cavs a genuine hope for a bright future.

Last night, the team played its first preseason game against the Milwaukee Bucks. It was the first chance to see Bennett, Jack and Clark as Cavaliers, as well as the return of Anderson Varejao. As expected, both Jack and Bennett came off the bench. Jack figures to run point for the second unit and possibly close out games as Irving’s backcourt mate. Bennett’s role is not as defined yet; but he should be expected to get a decent amount of minutes coming off the bench.

A few minutes into the second quarter, the pair found themselves on the court together. LARRY SANDERS! was controlling the ball on the block for the Bucks as the Cavs held a comfortable lead. SANDERS! tried to throw a skip pass across the court, but Cavs’ wingman C.J. Miles read him like a book and picked the pass off. He led the fastbreak before throwing up a weird shot/pass that Jack jumped to haul in. While he was in mid-air, Jack wrapped a pass behind his back to a trailing Bennett who slammed it home for his first professional basket.

The Cavs held on for a 99-87 win thanks in part to Jack’s 5 assists and Bennett’s 7 points and 10 rebounds.


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