ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across The Web

We’re back with another set of articles for you to read. Here are today’s suggested basketball readings from across the web.

The C-Webb Rabbit Hole: 17 Stray Thoughts From the Chris Webber Era: By Zach Lowe: (@ZachLowe_NBA

On Tuesday, Zach Lowe wrote an excellent piece in which he made the case for Chris Webber to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, for which he will be eligible next year. In this piece, Lowe shares some of the thoughts he had while researching and watching video of Webber. He touches on a wide range of topics, from Webber’s stint in Golden State to the officiating in the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

Examining John Wall’s improved jumper: By Umair Kahn (@UKahnNBA)

Ever since his days at Kentucky, the main criticism of John Wall’s game was that he couldn’t shoot well enough. After returning from injury last season, however, Wall made drastic improvements in his shooting percentages. Over at SB Nation’s Bullets Forever, Umair Kahn examines the growth he made with his jumper and tries to figure out if it is sustainable over a whole season.

HH Team Preview: New Orleans Pelicans: By Cole Patty (@ColePatty

In addition to debuting a new nickname, the New Orleans Pelicans will be debuting a number of new players this year. Over the offseason, the team picked up Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans and Anthony Morrow. Over at ESPN True Hoop’s Hawks Hoop, Cole Patty tells us what we should expect from this young and exciting team. He also writes a bit about how they matchup with the Hawks.


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