Marcus Camby Gets a Contract Extension

After Marcus Camby's extension, will Greg Oden be around for long?

After coming to Portland in a mid-year deal with in the Los Angeles Clippers, Marcus Camby and the Trailblazers have agreed upon a 2-year, $21 million contract extension that will have him playing until 2012.

Camby is now 36 and will be 38 at the conclusion of his new contract. Was this a good move for the Trailblazers? Camby is certainly a fantastic defender and rebounder, but his offensive skills are lacking, to say the least.

Is it smart to invest in an aging center who may not hold out that much longer? I don’t think so.

His production was down this year, and I think it will continue to drop as he gets older. Furthermore, there’s the injury factor to consider. He’s had a fair amount of consistency on the court lately, but it’s possible his withered legs will start to turn on him soon.

Who would know that better than the Blazers, who lost both Greg Oden and Joel Pyrzbilla to season-ending injuries this year? And that brings up another point.

By investing in Camby, Portland has committed to paying its centers $24 million next season — for now. But now that they’ve made this move, does it mean the Oden era is done?

Oden has been a medical disaster since being drafted first overall in 2007, but when he’s been on the floor, he’s been absurdly productive.

This past season, in 24 minutes a game, Oden racked up 11.1 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks. Extrapolate those stats over a 40-minute gave average, and you get rates of 18.6 points, 14.2 boards, and 3.83 blocks. That’s incredible. He also shot over 60 percent from the field and over 75 percent from the stripe. Even more alarming, his PER was eighth in the league at about 23.4.

Regardless, Oden’s contributions have been subpar, especially for a first-overall selection. So teams in need of a big man should pay attention. Oden’s days in Portland are very likely numbered.

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