NBA Trade Deadline: T.J. Ford Is Not The Solution To All Life’s Problems, But Much Like Alcohol, Serves As A Decent Distraction

T.J. Ford had sat for 18 consecutive games, before playing in the last two due to the absence of Earl Watson. He was solid off the bench and Pacers head coach Jim O’Brien admits he’s not sure what he’ll do… Continue Reading

NBA Trade Rumors: Where The Celtics Are That Lady Whose Garage Sale Is Horribly Overpriced

Kirk Hinrich and John Salmons are available. I would be shocked if the Celtics had not already contacted Chicago about one or both of them, and several outlets have reported that the C’s have inquired about Hinrich. The Celtics will… Continue Reading

The Grizzlies Worrying About Making A Bad Trade Is Like Mrs. Lincoln Wondering If The Theatre Was A Bad Idea

FACE REALITY PEOPLE! Ronnie Brewer can’t get the Grizzlies past those teams as a bench player and he is the best option I have heard so far. CDR? Nice player and a home town connection which could put butts in… Continue Reading

NBA Free Agency 2010: The Truth Is Out There. And It’s Being Branded By About Ten People.

What CAA can provide its clients this summer is a synergy that perhaps other agencies can’t. Rose works with James, and Thomas helps guide Wade and Bosh, but they also will exchange information with each other about prospective suitors, as… Continue Reading