It’s Like A Swap Meet With Vendors And No Swappers

The Rockets are in discussions with several clubs about McGrady, and sources say two of the teams near the top of their wish list are Washington and Chicago.

Nothing is imminent with either team, but there are potential deals with both clubs that Houston would be interested in pulling off.

Washington, which league executives believe is in cost-cutting mode after the Gilbert Arenas disaster, could have McGrady for a deal featuring Caron Butler and some expiring contracts, perhaps Mike Miller and Randy Foye.

via Caron Butler on Rockets’ wish list – TrueHoop Blog – ESPN.

Tons of stuff in this rumors piece from Broussard, so let’s take a gander at a few.

I loathe the idea of Mike Miller on the Rockets, seems like an abject disaster waiting to happen. Landing Caron, though, would be quite a coup. Foye would have no spot in the rotation. Brooks and Lowry have been playing too well, and the addition of Butler locks up the 2-3 spot with Ariza for the rest of the season. It makes me a little nervous with Butler kind of being the good mirror image of Ariza’s bad side, but to counter that is the length it would provide. The Rockets have size problems without Yao, but would be able to counter by having their 2-4 spots loaded with hyper-long defenders. Letting Ariza play limited minutes to focus on efficiency would be a big help, and putting Butler at 3 for spots to work out of the high post with Scola would be versatile as all get out.

What else we got?

Talks between the two teams have taken place but they have not reached the serious stage. Philadelphia hinted at a package of Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert for McGrady. But while Houston loves Iguodala’s talent, it’s not sure such a deal would make it a legitimate championship contender. To take back the four years, $57 million remaining on Iguodala’s contract after this season, Houston has to be convinced it would become an immediate title contender once Yao Ming returns next season.

Click through above to read more about this potential deal, but this sounds more plausible than you’d think. Dalembert gives them a real-live center and has been playing better ball this year than I’ve ever seen from him. Iguodala gives them a better scorer than Butler and would take a great big load off of Ariza. Meanwhile…


I still can’t see Morey taking on that kind of dough for Iguodala, though, not with all the scratch he’ll have over the next two years to land a top flight superstar.


Sources say the Raptors will not consider moving Bosh before next month’s trade deadline unless Bosh tells them he definitely will not return to Toronto next season.

Toronto’s Plan A has always been to re-sign Bosh. However, in considering all possibilities, the club has had internal discussions about Plans B and C, which would include trying to get as good a big man as possible for Bosh (if re-signing him was out of the question).

I never understand why certain franchises can’t see the writing on the wall. It’s one thing like with Boozer. You really didn’t anticipate him being a snake like he was. But this is pretty obvious. Someone in the Raptors organization needs to make a highlight reel just of all the Bosh faces we’ve seen the last two seasons. I feel terrible, because they’re about to get completely dozered, and they really don’t see it coming. I’m sure Bosh says he’ll want to re-sign. That’s what you have to say. That’s how it works. It plays to your advantage. You don’t want fans turning on you. And I really don’t think it’s out of the question, nor do I think it’s a market thing. If this team was the 2 seed right now? Bosh would be saying “Let’s get started on an extension.” But they’re not. They lost to the Pacers last night, and this in the middle of a good run. Save yourselves, Toronto. Save yourselves.

Finally click through for some Boozer stuff, where Utah is really wanting to commit to Carlos Boozer long-term. Because they hate their fans.

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