Good News Dino, Bad News Dino

Seriously, though, the stretch is rather important.

Indy, Charlotte, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Washington, Chicago in the next eight with a Grey Cup Sunday visit by Phoenix to break up the monotony.

It’s too early to say they need to get six of them, or even five of them, but if they want to get some of that separation, this would be a good time to start getting some of it.

via Doug Smith’s Toronto Raptors blog.

You know how people always say “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news” and then proceed to tell you the good news first and then the bad news leaving you disappointed, even if the bad news isn’t necessarily connected to the good news? What’s worse is when someone says that and I hear the person being asked say “Give me the good news first.” Why? Why would you possibly want to end your conversation on that? Start with the negative and rise up! You’ll be so much happier! Studies have shown that we react more strongly to the last thing we hear. Make it the good thing!

So in that spirit, here’s the bad news. Antoine Wright, despite the fact that every time I watch him play I think “You know, he really is a pretty good defender,” is not, apparently. Raps are getting outscored with their only “lock-down” guard on the floor. Belinelli is one of the worst rebounding guards in the league. And you can’t even pin it all on Bargnani’s rebounding (averaging 9 per game, 11 per 40 minutes over the last four games).

Good news! That stretch is wretched in terms of offensive teams, which is the biggest problem for the Eastern Warriors. 5 of those seven listed above are bottom 10 in offensive efficiency, and the Celtics have been struggling in that area. So there’s a big opportunity to gain some ground if, you know, you can get your heads out of your collective ass.

Matt Moore

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