Morning Bell – 2.25.2009

Thing That’s Been Bugging Me

I’m not sure where I read it, because I thought it was in that Michael Lewis article but it wasn’t, but somewhere I read (or heard) that when there is 6 minutes or less in a game, if a team is leading by 6 or more, they win 80% of the time.  Holy run-on sentence, but I promise you I heard that somewhere.  And I’ve been watching games through that lens, which is a little frustrating.

Because watching games, the team that leads down the stretch, they usually win.  That can take a lot of fun out of the end of games, if you’re thinking that the team making the late comeback is doomed to lose.  It makes a guy cynical.  Like, “yeah, it’s awesome that they’re coming back, but they only have a one in five chance in actually pulling it off.  Sad face.” 

But here’s the kicker:  I had assumed it was in that Lewis article, so I went to check today and it’s not there.   So now I’m wondering if I just made that stat up.  Does anyone else know if this is true?  If not, I might have just made a startling discovery.


HUGE win for the Bulls last night.  Not only was it over the Magic (huge), but it also put the Bulls in ninth by themselves (huge).  I’ve devised a simple formula for assessing its hugeness:

huge + huge = HUGE

It’s simple math, but it proves that not only was the win little-h huge in two areas, but when you combine those it becomes all capitals HUGE, which is definitely better. 

Of course now there’s the possibility that we have to count the Pistons in this race as they’ve lost seven straight games to drop to seventh in the East, just a game ahead of the Bucks.  Surely the Pistons will figure out something, they’ve got too many proud guys to drop out of the playoffs entirely, but they’re struggling and there’s definitely a chance that one of these teams battling for the playoffs could sneak in to the seven spot.  Or the sixth, since Philly isn’t doing great either.  Fantastic.

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