Morning Bell – 2.05.2009

Thing You Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ About

I’m convinced that this LeBron/Kobe relationship goes like this: Jordan : Kobe :: Kobe : LeBron.  And really, it makes a lot of sense.

Look at it this way, as a blogger I very apparently admire and am inspired by the work of J.E. Skeets, and have very apparently based a lot of what I do on what he’s done.  That’s what every successful creative entity ever has ever done.  The Beatles had Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, and the Beach Boys, and if the Beatles look to others for inspiration, it’s good enough to me.  It’s like a Utah Jazz fan seeing an ignorant comment by another Jazz fan and wanting to make an even more ignorant comment.  Levels, people.

Anyway, is it that preposterous to believe that LeBron greatly admires Kobe and wants to do the things he does?  This is LeBron’s sixth season, meaning that when he was a high school senior, Kobe was winning his third straight title.  Now, for a guard coming out of high school, is there anyone better or more relevant to admire than Kobe Bryant?  Absolutely not.  Furthermore, growing up playing with/against him is going to heighten that bond.

This is not to say that LeBron is “ripping off” Kobe or copying him.  It’s more of an “anything you can do, I can do better” sort of thing.  LeBron sees Kobe do something, wants to do it, does it his LeBron way.  It makes for great basketball, and we’re lucky it’s happening.

Thing That I’m Convinced Would Help Most Teams

Run.  Just always run.  Push the ball up court and shoot fast.

Maybe my views are colored by the Suns from 3 years back, but this seems to be a prescription for success.  My men’s league team needs to run more.  The Bulls need to run more.  The Hornets need to run more.  The act of pushing the ball up court breeds aggression, which leads to more free-throws and more shots near the rim.  It’s easy to see that eFG% is higher for every team the earlier in the shot clock that they shoot. 

So run.

Thing the Knicks Remind Me Of

Remember sometime last summer (I think) when the Braves got no-hit, then someone had 20 strikeouts against them in back-to-back games?  I’m pretty sure that happened this season, but I’m not entirely sure.  Either way, it definitely happened and I was sad because I root for the Braves.  61 points, then a 50 point triple-double in consecutive games is kind of like that.  Sorry, Knicks fans.

Also, sorry you’re Knicks fans.

Thing You Should Be Aware Of

I turn 25 in two weeks.  That leaves 13 shopping days.  Just a heads-up.

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