Valeria Marini’s disaster: they took everything from her in a second | He didn’t deserve this shame

Valeria Marini’s disaster: they took everything from her in a second |  He didn’t deserve this shame
Valeria Marini –

She didn’t deserve the shame that they took absolutely everything from her. The story of Valeria Marini makes you shudder

Valeria Marini has certainly become a defining figure of a certain kind of cinema and television in Italy. With her catchphrase “star kisses” she became a celebrity on social networks. Born in 1967, his family was definitely not wealthy and he had to fight to get featured.

She started her career in the world of fashionusing the alias Lolly. Thanks to her annoying personality, she has graced the covers of many magazines and magazines. since the 1990s, Begins to cooperate with televisionmaking iconic programs such as Bagaglino, thanks to which they have become well known among the small screen audience.

In addition to, At the same time he also started his career in the world of cinemaShe has acted in several films by important directors such as Bobby Avati, Sofia Coppola and Alberto Sordi. Despite the criticisms she has often been embroiled in, The showgirl always walked forward with her head held high.

It seems that disaster has befallen Valeria Marini, who did not expect this to happen. The blow was hard to swallowThey took it all in a second.

Disaster for Leeria Marini: they took everything from her

Changing the penalty system and penalties for those who defraud the elderly which will become more severe. In fact, there is talk of a prison sentence of between 2 and 6 years. The law has already been approved in the Senate and we are just waiting for the approval of the House. This could not but please Valeria Marini, whose mother fell victim to a heavy blow scam in 2019And Where they really took everything from her. In fact, the woman was robbed of about 350 thousand euros.

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Valeria Marini commented on the matter as follows: “Finally because a scam is always an unworthy act, but it is It is even more so if it affects the elderly: I believe in justice, but times can be long, and those of a certain age risk not being able to defend themselves.”

Valeria - Marini - scam -
Valeria Marini –

The story of the scam that the mother was exposed to

Valeria Marini is very close to her mother. This is why, when a woman was the victim of a scam in 2019, the showgirl was very close to her and used her public position to raise awareness and warn the most vulnerable about the dangers.

The actress said, “I saw her in so much pain, that trick changed her life. My mom was a victim of deception. She lost many years’ savings of work but the most serious psychological damage: yes You feel humiliated, weak and betrayed. Making her case public helped her partially recover and served to sound the alarm so that older people would not fall into the same traps. The new law must be accelerated The procedures provide for severe penalties for offenders. He who tolerates justice wins.

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