Zelensky orders heavy weapons from Canada and the United States. Trudeau, think of your children.

Zelensky orders heavy weapons from Canada and the United States.  Trudeau, think of your children.

The US administration is under increasing pressure from Congress and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is speaking today to US lawmakers and senators, to help broker the transfer of heavy weapons to Kyiv. Meanwhile, the White House confirms that President Joe Biden will travel to the Old Continent next week to participate in the NATO and European Union summits. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that an extraordinary summit will be held in Brussels on March 24 to address “the invasion of Russia, our strong support for Ukraine and the strengthening of NATO’s deterrence and defense. At this critical moment, North America and Europe must continue to work together.” The spokeswoman emphasized On behalf of Pennsylvania Avenue Jen Psaki, Biden “will reaffirm our strong commitment to NATO allies.”

At the EU summit, Psaki said, the leaders will discuss the West’s efforts to impose “economic costs on Russia, provide humanitarian support to those affected by violence and address other challenges,” stressing that the commander-in-chief’s goal “is to meet in person with his European counterparts and assess where we are.” “We’ve been incredibly allied thus far and it’s not by accident – he added – the president firmly believes in face-to-face diplomacy.” The spokesman, who remains uncertain, however, the hypothesis of Biden’s stop in Poland, as well as about a possible meeting with Zelensky, said that “at the moment there is nothing on the table, but the details are still to be determined.” This war has turned 3 million Ukrainians into refugees. It is difficult to move aid into the country because of “the attacks of Russia, but we” continue to do so thanks to the help of many brave people,” the US president said, signing the $1,500 billion that also includes 13.6 billion for Ukraine.

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Meanwhile, internal and external pressure continues on the US administration to supply Kyiv with heavier weapons. In particular, as revealed by CNN informed sources, both Capitol Hill and Zelensky are targeting Soviet-made weapons such as MiG fighter jets and S-300 surface-to-air missile systems. In these hours, the US State Department is reportedly working on identifying which countries possess the S-300 air defense systems and examining how to transfer them to Ukraine. But there remain concerns about Russia’s possible reaction if some of the arms transfers are approved. Zelensky is trying to transfer not only Biden, but also Europe: the weapons that Western allies supply to Ukraine “last 20 hours a week,” so we are forced to “reuse equipment stolen from the Russians,” he said. He said in a video call from Kyiv with the leaders of the Nordic and Baltic countries of the Joint Expeditionary Force, which was assembled yesterday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London. “With our help, you will help yourself – I insist – you know what weapons we need, and everyone knows.” Johnson’s response was: “You really challenge us to do more, and we all know we should and we can do more.”

Yesterday, the Ukrainian president also spoke virtually to the Ottawa Parliament, addressing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We ask you to stop the bombs as you express your deep concern and ask us to hold out a little longer?” – He said – Justin, can you imagine what it means for your children to hear the bombing at 4 am every day? Do you see your cities destroyed? Are your people dying? Imagine if someone occupied Vancouver as they do with Mariupol, left without water, food or electricity. The sanctions it imposed did not stop the war.”

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