Ukraine war, live news – Kyiv accuses: “The Russians killed 10 civilians in bread queue and shot peaceful protesters in the square”

Ukraine war, live news – Kyiv accuses: “The Russians killed 10 civilians in bread queue and shot peaceful protesters in the square”

Putin: “We do not want to occupy Ukraine”

“The point of Russia It is not occupiedUkraineThe Russian president says so Russian President Vladimir Putin Quoted by TASS.

Putin: The real genocide took place in Donbass 8 years ago

Donbass suffered a “real genocide” for 8 years. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing TASS.

Guardia di Finanza confiscates assets attributed to the oligarchs Avene and Usmanov

l currency police unit Finance Police The freezing procedures were implemented according to Legislative Decree 109/2007 issued by the Financial Security Committee regarding:
A real estate complex located in the province of Sassari (locality of Punta Sardinia) attributed to ⅓, equivalent to about 4 million euros, to Peter Olegovich Aven;
Six corporate cars, Italian and foreign, with real estate and movable assets (cars) in their bellies with an estimated total value 66 million euros Attributed to Alisher Usmanov.

Zelensky at the US Congress: “Remember Pearl Harbor and 9/11”

Remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, remember the events of 9/11 when they tried to turn your city into a battlefield, when innocents were attacked. That’s what he said Volodymyr Zelensky In his speech to the US Congress. “Our country is experiencing this every day,” he added, “under the attack of the Russians, referring to Kyiv and all the Ukrainian cities in which it lives.” Russia is turning into a death camp.

Zelensky: Recognizing Russia as a terrorist state

“The world is already beginning to realize that without recognition of Russia as a terrorist state it will be impossible to restore justice to Ukraine, and it will be impossible to restore international order.” permission of the Ukrainian President Zelensky In the speech on the occasion of the meeting with the Prosecutor of the Karim Khan of the International Criminal Court. Russian forces have inflicted hundreds of times more damage on Ukraine than they did in Donbass in eight years of war. The regions most affected are those that Russian propagandists have long defined as the places of residence of people especially close to Russia. ”

Zelensky: 103 children have been killed so far

They were killed this morning 103 children. Permission chief Volodymyr Zelensky In a speech at the meeting with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan. He said: “The Ukrainian savior who was caught in an agreed-upon humanitarian corridor is being held hostage – he said – the mayors of many of our cities, activists, a journalist are being held hostage. The Russian state has become a terrorist. And he is not ashamed. But he will be responsible for everything. “

Zelensky returns to request a no-fly zone

“We need a no-fly zone.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking before the US Congress, calling for offensive anti-aircraft systems against the United States.

Ukrainian media: “Mayor of Skadovsk released”

Oleksandr YakovlevThe mayor of Skadovsk, an occupied Ukrainian port city in Kherson Province, said he was released in a Facebook video quoting him. Kyiv Independent. Yakovlev who was kidnapped by the Russian army along with his deputy Yuri Balyukh – as reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyiv. Dmitro Koleba On Twitter – he also said in the video that the Russian occupiers promised to release more detainees and demanded that the population not panic.

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