You’re next level, why haven’t I met you before?

You’re next level, why haven’t I met you before?

Andrea Giambruno is the protagonist of some off-air radio programs restored by Striscia la Notizia, during which he indulges in some rather colorful considerations. In the videos, you can see how the journalist deals in particular with one of his colleagues who is in the studio.

In the Wednesday, October 18 episode of News abstraction A new column dedicated to one of the names that has generated the most discussion this TV season has opened: Andrea Giambruno. Journalist, TV presenter and companion Georgia Meloniduring Out of the air Recovering from the satirical news on Canale 5, he indulges in some rather colorful considerations and, moreover, addresses his colleague present by making suggestive jokes.

Andrea Giambruno’s words during the explosion

At first Giambruno complained that his hair had become a subject of ridicule, and in fact, between one break from the live broadcast and the next he did not hesitate to comment: ““But they don’t bother me with the hair. I’m 42 and I have hair. Everyone here is bald, but they don’t bother the bums. There are people here who swear in the air. I go and look at the hair.” Then, at a later moment of pause, the journalist approaches his fellow journalist in the studio and says:

The only opinion I care about is Viviana’s, but the beauty of this Estoril blue, a cultured woman like you should know it, Chinese blue no, it doesn’t suit you, you’re on a higher level, today is better? Are you in a good mood? I was a little sorry to see you yesterday… You’re a very smart woman, but why haven’t I met you before.

Andrea Giambruno mistakes

This is not the first time that the exploits of a journalist have become the subject of ridicule by the newspaper Striscia la Notizia, and in fact, at the opening of the column that they called “Giambronasca’s newspaper”, to emphasize the errors he has encountered in recent months, there is a summary of the expressions that have been the subject of controversy. More about it. Most recently, dating back just a few weeks, when he spoke about immigration, he defined it as a “humanitarian transition,” and then apologized for what he said on live air.

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