How much more families will spend

Not onlyIncrease in electricity and gas bills. Rising energy costs are likely to have a very large impact on Italians shopping cart And on all purchases made by families. The most notable increases appear to be those of i Food commoditiesbut also for many other products.

Submitted by Assoutenti Try to determine these increases based on Istat inflation data for January. How will the increases affect families?? Assoutenti then runs a calculation showing that increases in electricity and gas have prompted businesses and companies to pass the increases on to end consumers with the consequences Retail price hike. Let’s see what that means on a practical level for every Italian family.

Dear bills, how much are the expenses of Italians

Given the current price level, the report assumes one the Scorpion from Ben 38.5 billion euros For Italian families. Furio Truzzi, president of Assoutenti, explains that the repercussions of expensive bills on retail price lists will result in a capacity of 38.5 billion for consumers’ pockets.

But it is not limited to providing comprehensive data on all families. In fact, the report attempts to estimate the impact of the price increase Expenses for each family: Calculate the same consumption as the previous year we are talking about 1,480 euros more.

What prices go up: Food

Biggest increase It is registered on food products with mass consumption. In particular bread In January it increased by 3.9% compared to last year: for the typical family, this means an increase of 35.8 euros per year.

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price macaroni by 10%, from Seafood 8.4% in one year. increase for Vegetables: 13% increase and a higher cost of approximately 60 euros per family. Prices stillMineral water (3%) of sundae (4%) and fruit juices (4.8%).

Highest home costs

as increasing home costs. Not only direct billing increases, but also a higher purchase cost cell phone (4% more in a year), from household appliance (5.1%) of preparations and the gods conditioners (16.2%). Finally, the increase is also about Factory And flowers At a higher cost of 4.5%. To prove this is also data on Valentine’s Day, which recorded a 29% increase in flower prices.

Bills dear, what will the government do

In recent days, the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, announced the government’s intervention against the expensive bills. the new decree Resources at least equal to those expected should be allocated to the previous intervention: the stated objective is to achieve i 5-7 billion dollars.

Moreover, part of the intervention, as explained by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, Maria Cecilia Guerra in the past few hours, could be directed at Enhance social rewardsIt is intended for families experiencing greater economic hardship.

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