Stop at Nettuno American Cemetery, then visit Ariccia, Albano and Velletri

It can be a picture depicting 6 people standingRoman Castle (News) – After visiting the American Cemetery of Neptune, he will be a guest of the administrations of three municipalities in the Castellane region.

The famous American judge Frank Caprio is in Italy, on a long visit organized by the Italian diplomat based in Albano: Michelina Sanquist. Frank Caprio is Chief Municipal Judge of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. His TV show “Caught in Providence”, which has been broadcasting internationally for 20 years, has exceeded 2 billion views on YouTube and earned a nomination for an Emmy Grammy Award.

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His visit to Italy began at the American Cemetery of Neptune and the Museum attached to it. Judge Caprio was received in Nettuno by the Chief of Social Services, Dr. Margherita Camarda and one of the sub-commissioners. At 4 p.m., the judge will be in Arica, greeted by the mayor and council, and then visit Chigi Palace. Then stop in Albano Laziale, in the municipality, to meet with the mayor and officials. This morning, just before lunch with the lions of Filitri, the judge will visit the municipality of Filitri, which is hosted by Mayor Orlando Bucci and his council.

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