February 5, 2023

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Shocking day for Musk: Tesla loses 47 billion of its value. Angry Investors: “Elon Stop Playing With Twitter”

Another hit in the market for Elon Musk: Tesla burns $47 billion in capitalization in one day, with a loss per share Nasdaq More than 14%, causing a change in the direction of the whole Wall Streetgiven that after opening the Dow Jones skewed down. Dropp off Tesla It reaches delivery data in the fourth quarter of 2022, much lower than expected. Bill 405,278 Cars delivered in three months, which is more than 11% more than in the previous quarter, but less than the expected 420-430 thousand deliveries. Tesla’s fall has been impressive over the past year, causing Musk to lose himself $200 billion. But the decline on January 3 was the worst in two years, prompting enthusiastic comments from analysts and large investors. “Elon needs to stop messing with Twitter,” they say in unison, “because the heart of the group is threatened by a magnitude 5 hurricane.” However, Musk seems to be deaf ears, moreover, he and his men have contributed to spreading distrust in the market: throughout December, they were all sellers of Tesla shares, selling on the 11th. Slices From 6 december addresses for more than $1.2 billion.

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