You can break the automatic gearbox

You can break the automatic gearbox

The mistake you make when parking your car with an automatic transmissionfreepik

It has become more frequent Find cars with automatic gearbox In Spain. It is very practical to drive, which prevents you from worrying about what type of gear to install at every moment. But do you know if you are getting a good handle on it? It probably does the same thing as a manual car when reversing. Well pay attention, because You can damage the gearbox.

How do you park in an automatic car then? Well, unlike how to do it in the manual. First we will gradually stop the car using the brake pedal. Once the car has come to a complete stop, we will apply the handbrake to ensure it is completely immobilized. And the, Finally, we will put the “P” position on the automatic gearbox.

By placing the hand brake before the letter “P” we ensure thisThe weight of the car is in no way dependent on the gearbox. Because this can be harmful to your gears. On many occasions when we stop the car and put the P before the handbrake, when we release the pedal we notice how the car moves a little and then stops dry. This means that what stopped it was the gearbox, not the brakes A car and if we repeatedly expose the automatic gearbox to this shock and then to the pressure of the car's weight, We will end up wearing out the gearsWith the possibility of regime collapse in the medium term.

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Do not damage the automatic gearbox

To make sure this does not happen, we explain the steps that must be followed to park the car with automatic gear changes:

  1. Stop the car gradually using the brake pedal

  2. Once the vehicle is stationary, while still pressing the pedal, apply the parking brake. Even before this step if you want to do things betterYou can put the gearbox in the “N” position. Then use the handbrake, although it is not necessary.

  3. Once the car is completely immobilized apply the handbrakeFinally, the automatic gearbox must be in “P” position.

Never do this if your car is equipped with an automatic transmission

If putting a 'P' before the handbrake is already bad for your automatic car, you can't even imagine how much damage the next thing we're going to tell you can do. That's what You should never put “P” on when the car is in motion.

If you do this while driving at low speed, the car will brake suddenly with a slight backswing. This means that The car stopped with the gearbox, not the brakes. It is fatal to this gear. So much so that if done at high speed, it is possible to break the shift completely.

If you do not want to visit the workshop early i You want your automatic gear change to always work properly, Follow the tips we gave you above on how to park the car.

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