March 25, 2023

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Cancellation of the consequences of those who did not pay the payment on March 7.

With the “Scrapping-ter” the possibility of debt rebalancing was granted with the Revenue Agency. For those who haven’t, there are wallet-affecting consequences.


There was a new date that Italian taxpayers had to mark in red so that they would not receive a fine. The day fixed by the so-called lawSkimming third‘, which allows Italians to offset tax debts to avoid taking action agency of revenue– Collection, which is one of the agencies that citizens fear the most. By March 7, the installment had to be paid, which marked the first of the new year. Initially, the installment was from February 28. However, the law provides for five days of tolerance, so we come to March 7, considering that there are holidays in between.

Because it was important to stick to the March 7 date


History March 7 It represented an important turning point for the Italian taxpayers, who, with their respect, could have obtained the soft definition. In more detail, it was the Revenue Collection Agency that wrote and explained on its website that in order to protect the benefits third cancellation, Debtors must have paid the installments due to 2020 And the 2021 By December 14 last year. This is the last term in Decree-Law No. 146/2021 The financial decree is called then turned into law with 215/2021. Therefore, taxpayers will be able to continue to pay by following the dates and correspondence of the amounts due. Scheduled dates for “scrapping” They are: February 28. May 31; July 31, November 30. With respect to these, a grace period of five days always applies.

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What happens if the date from March 7th is not respected?


If the date from 7 March Not respected, the so-called easy definitionwith the impossibility of access to forms of installment payments and facilities guaranteed by the government to arrange accounts with tax. Technically, if the payment will arrive in the days following March 07 or if partially paid, it shall be deemed as advance bond in respect of the amounts due in full, loser Thus a good opportunity to achieve financial peace and save some money.