Yes to compulsory vaccination, otherwise the epidemic will never end

The latest real-time news on Covid in Italy and in the world, updated today, Sunday, November 21. Today’s bulletin numbers: 1,261 new cases in Veneto, 521 in Tuscany, 118 in Puglia. Intensive care admission is stable, +105 in the medical field. Report release: “Vaccine protection decreased from 95% to 82% over 6 months.” Districts require that the validity of the Green Corridor not exceed 9 months. An enhanced green certificate can only allow vaccinated and recovered people access to restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums and stadiums. Three thousand people without masks at the Circus Maximus in Rome in the No Green Pass procession. In Milan, tensions between protesters and police.

The fourth wave in the world is frightening: Austria has imposed a general lockdown for 20 days, declaring a commitment to vaccination since February. Saxony is closing bars and nightclubs and canceling Christmas markets to avoid a new closure, while Ricky raises the alarm about the arrival of the fifth wave of the epidemic in Germany. For the World Health Organization in Europe, another 500,000 people could die from Covid by March without new measures.

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In New Zealand, the government mobilizes street gangs for a coronavirus vaccination campaign

Covid Tuscany, today 521 new infections and 3 deaths

In Tuscany there are 521 new cases of COVID-19 recorded today on 9,616 molecular swabs and 20,265 rapid antigen swabs: 502 cases were confirmed by molecular swab and 19 by rapid antigen test. The current positive is 8,180 today, +4.2% compared to yesterday. There are 292 in hospital (5 less than yesterday), 39 of them are in intensive care (1 less). Today there are three new deaths: two men and a woman, with an average age of 80.7 years.

Veneto, 1261 new injuries and two deaths in the past 24 hours

In Veneto during the past 24 hours, 1,261 new positives for the virus were confirmed, compared to 1928 yesterday, a number that brings the total number of people infected since the beginning of the epidemic to more than half a million, to 500,801. The total number of victims also increased to 11,907 (+2). Yesterday there were 13. District report. The number of current positives is increasing, 21,152 (+662), and the number of hospitalized patients on regular wards is also rising, 375 (+19). On the other hand, the hospitalization number, 69, in intensive care is stable.

Altems for the third week + 20% Covid deaths

“For the third week in a row, we are recording a 20% increase in the death rate for Covid. It is the vast majority of the unvaccinated, whose average age drops to about 60 years. In the third week, and it is continuing and confirming these numbers, this trend becomes trend”. This is what Amerigo Sechetti, director of the Altames Secondary School of Economics and Health Systems Management at the Catholic University of Rome, told ANSA. According to Sechetti, to reverse the trend, it is necessary to “intervene immediately” and the first measure is to “encourage the third doses vigorously, even by reopening the axes of major cities that have just closed”.

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Totti: Christmas is open and not closed and we owe it to the immunized citizens

“I also reiterated yesterday to the government that there is no time to lose, that it is necessary to take immediate measures to give certainty to the entire economic sector and businesses, and tell them that it will be open Christmas and not closed. And their social life can go on.” Ligurian Governor and Regional Health Adviser Giovanni Totti said on the sidelines of a meeting this morning in La Spezia with local officials. “Even Spezia hospitals – added President Toti – although the infection rate is slightly higher than in other provinces of Liguria, they do not suffer more than anywhere else. The rest of Liguria. It is important to give everyone clear rules and only the green path for vaccination is which guarantees us a safe and peaceful Christmas.”

UK Health Minister: ‘No to compulsory vaccination’

The United Kingdom will not impose mandatory vaccination against the Corona virus. This was clarified by the British Minister of Health during an interview with the BBC, declaring that he would never accept the compulsory vaccination of the Covid virus in the UK. “No, the UK will not follow Austria’s example,” Javid said. He added that vaccination “should be a good choice.”

In 381 cases of Marche in the past 24 hours

In the Marche region, 381 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the last day with the infection rate rising to 132.87 (yesterday 126.48). more than 100 new pros in the province of Pesaro-Urbino (108); At the provincial level, it is tracking Ancona (96), Ascoli Piceno (66), Fermo (52), Macerata (50) and 11 cases from outside the region. 84 of these people had symptoms; Cases include 91 close positive contacts, 115 domestic contacts, 14 in a school/training setting, 5 at work, 3 in a living/social setting, 2 in a care setting and 1 in a healthcare setting; An epidemiological investigation is underway in 63 cases.

Galle also takes sides with the mandatory Covid vaccine: ‘Otherwise it will never end’

D’Amato (Lazio): “Expect the third dose of the vaccine to reach 150 days”

Lazio health consultant Alessio D’Amato is pushing to bring the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to 150 days. In an interview with “Il Corriere della Sera” D’Amato explained: “I hope my proposal will be taken seriously. Franco Locatelli (President of the Supreme Council of Health, editor) has also expressed his support. Great Britain is already so. To do so and the German Special Committee on Vaccines recommends Stiko reduced to 150 days.

A revolution against the closure in the Netherlands, a night of violence and clashes with the police

a night covid anti violence lockdown In many Dutch cities, including The Hague, Saturday evening witnessed an urban guerrilla scene.

Zaia: “The vaccine is obligatory? Vaccination does not reach 100%”

“What do we mean by commitment? Bringing people in with the public force to get vaccinated? The commitment for eleven vaccines was made by Minister Lorenzen in 2017 and I’m not aware that all parents vaccinate their children. One hundred percent is not in a campaign, because there is always someone who opposes it with a motive. rebellion or fear.” To say this, in an interview with La Repubblica, Veneto President Luca Zaia believes that “more institutional information against fake news” is needed. “I don’t like No Vax – asserts -. Their freedom ends when they endanger the health of others. Squares full of people without masks are negative commercials.”

According to the World Health Organization, Europe is experiencing 500,000 Covid deaths as of March

Because of the delta variant and poor vaccination coverage in some states, Europe risks another massacre: Up to 500 thousand people In fact, they risk dying from Covid-19 by March.

Super Green Pass is coming: what changes from December

With the rise in Covid cases, the Super Green Pass: The government believes an emphasis on certification, which can only be obtained after vaccination or recovery.

Melegaro (CTS): “Slower infection growth in Italy: let’s speed up the third doses”

According to Professor Alicia Miligaro, Professor of Demography and Statistics at Bocconi University and a member of CTS, in Italy “The speed of increase in infections is contained, the weekly incidence is just under 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 78 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The past seven days And until the fifty-fifth week two weeks ago. Also, the occupancy of intensive care centers is on a slight rise, that is, there has been no explosion in other European countries.” In an interview with the newspaper Corriere then he added: “Pushing the vaccination campaign and speeding up the third doses, there is no other way. Italians have not abandoned virtuous behaviors that have been completely forgotten elsewhere, and in fact the consequences are observed.”

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Gilmini: ‘Any future restrictions only pertain to No Vax’

“The interests of the regions are ours and the government is monitoring the situation very carefully. We have scientific evidence that tells us that after 6 months, the percentage of protection provided by the vaccine gradually decreases. Therefore, it is necessary, as the sixth month approaches the second dose, be sure to receive the third vaccination in time: you must to do in this regard.” To say that, in an interview with La Stampa, Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gilmini. And on the premise of the new rules of the green corridor, he stressed: “For the heads of the region, no new restrictions should apply to everyone, they believe that 85% of Italians who chose the flag in a responsible manner cannot be punished. Blame it.”

The news of the Corona virus, Covid-19, today, Sunday, November 21

Yesterday, the injuries recorded 11,555 cases, an increase from 10,544 on Friday. The dead I mentioned 49 on the last day. This is what stems from Bulletin for Saturday 20 November Issued by the Ministry of Health. Thus, the total number of infections in our country since the beginning of the epidemic has risen to 491,981 while the total deaths since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy has reached 133,131. In the last day, 574,812 tests were performed, including molecular and antigenic smears, with Positive rate which amounts to 2%. Current positives rise to 143.401 (+6.271). The total cured is 4,639,449 (+5,220). The area with the most daily cases is Lombardy.

This is the state of the region by region:

    • Lombardy: +1.930.0000
    • Veneto: +1.928.0000
    • Campania: +983
    • Emilia-Romagna: +1.055.0000
    • Lazio: +1.079.007
    • Piedmont: +587
    • Sicily: +648
    • Tuscany: +423
    • Apulia: +257
    • Friuli Venezia Giulia: +660
    • March: +283
    • Liguria: +337
    • Calabria: +230
    • Abruzzo: +265
    • Pa Bolzano: +399
    • Sardinia: +129
    • Umbria: +113
    • Ba Trento: +164
    • Basilicata: +29
    • Molise: +16
    • Aosta Valley: +40

Worldwide, there are 2,57186,102 confirmed cases, while 5,146,768 have died. The vaccine doses provided are 7,371,362,667, mostly in high-income countries.

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