Germany, a woman kills a double to fake her own death

Germany, a woman kills a double to fake her own death

The victim — who was 23 years old, like the alleged killer — looked so much like the accused that the plan worked at first. So much so that even the parents mistakenly identified the murdered woman as their own daughter. However, the autopsy raised doubts about the identity of the victim. Subsequently, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the suspect and one of her peers. Initially, the two suspects were charged with manslaughter. After hearing numerous witnesses and obtaining new data, investigators now believe that the woman and her alleged accomplice had deliberately committed the crime and caught the victim by surprise.

As mentioned before Suddeutsche ZeitungAccording to the investigators, it was possible to prepare for the crime for a long time, and the two defendants searched on various social media for a woman resembling the killer, with long brown hair, dark skin, and a heavily made-up face. The two allegedly wrote to several women in the chat until they convinced one of them to cheat, talking about cosmetics. After the murder, the woman was abandoned in the supposed perpetrator’s car, while the defendants might have expected to lose track of them.

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