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US President announces: “US Congress ready to allocate $ 9 billion by 2030”. Leaders are waiting for the document

The U.S. government has promised to work with Congress to allocate up to $ 9 billion by 2030 to conserve and restore forests, As part of the anti-deforestation plan announced in COP26. The President addressed in Glasgow Joe Biden Recalling that the White House signed an executive order in its first week aimed at conserving 30% of land and American water by 2030, he explained that the difficult goal of reclaiming 20 million hectares this year had already been surpassed.
“I do not care – he said – because of the armed conflict with China, for no reason.” However, Xi Jinping referred to Pita, “he did Not coming is a big mistake Not in the G20 or COP 26, and I expect China to follow the rules like everyone else. The absence of Xi further reinforces the US president that the US wants to return its leadership role to the rest of the world as a role model: “We want to breathe, and we want to do it. Lead the world”.

At the end of the summit in Glasgow, the leaders’ document will be approved. According to rumors, it will contain one Joint commitment to stop deforestation by 2030. In dedication a An investment of about $ 19.2 billion between public and private funds. According to the British press, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the agreement as “a fundamental agreement for the protection and restoration of the earth’s forests.” The document has been signed by 105 countries, including Brazil, China, Russia, Canada, the United States and of course the United Kingdom and Italy., And 85% of the world’s forests are in their territories. Johnson will announce the deal at an event attended by Joe Biden, Prince Charles and Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He defined Deforestation agreement Important for the overall goal of controlling temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, this is the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement. “Climate change and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin,” he stressed. “We cannot address the catastrophic loss of habitats and species without addressing climate change, and we cannot cope with climate change without protecting our natural environment. And respect the rights of indigenous peoples, ”he added

The session, attended by heads of state and heads of government, concludes today in Glasgow. The venue for the first round of talks is set for Friday, November 12, with the aim of creating an ambitious final document before the final event.

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