Xbox won’t be at E3 2023, Microsoft confirms, but the event will be co-broadcast –

Xbox won’t be at E3 2023, Microsoft confirms, but the event will be co-broadcast –

Microsoft confirmed theabsence to Xbox inE3 2023but still promises outside support for the show with its showcase event, which will also be co-broadcast from E3 channels as part of the digital event, although it’s still a standalone presentation.

The absence of the Xbox is thus officially confirmed, after Nintendo also mentioned in recent days the fact that it will not be present at E3 2023 and No Sony Playstation Which is no longer news, considering that the Japanese company abandoned the exhibition organized by the European Space Agency several years ago.

As announced along with the Starfield release date, Xbox will hold a presentation conference on June 11, 2023, which will also be followed by an event specifically dedicated to Bethesda’s Space RPG. These events will not officially be part of E3 2023, but they will still be included in the digital section of this year’s show.

With this initiative, Microsoft has confirmed that it will not be officially part of E3 2023 and will not be physically located within the premises of the show, but it still intends to support it. We look forward to presenting the Xbox Game Show on June 11th and will share more details later Syndication of our events as part of E3 Digital But we won’t be on stage at E3,” a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN.

E3 2023 marks the return of the old show, complete with an existing event and with a physical audience, but Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo will not be officially a part of it.

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