Wonder Woman will be an open world and will include the Nemesis system – Nerd4.life

amazing woman, the new game developed by Monolith Productions, will be an action-based game open world It will include, among other things Enemy system It appears in two chapters of La Terra di Mezzo.

The teaser for Wonder Woman at the 2021 Game Awards didn’t say anything about the game, but thankfully, the developers have thought of offering some details after detection.

“Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most iconic superheroes of all time, who has fought for truth, justice, and equality for over eighty years, and we are proud to be able to create an exciting new video game chapter in this heroine’s story,” said David Haddad, President of Warner Games Inc. Brothers.

“The talented team at Monolith Productions are doing the things they do best to be able to offer a Wonder Woman bond to players unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.”

“We believe player-centered storytelling has the power to bring people together,” said David Hewitt, Vice President and Head of Studio at Monolith Productions. “The stories our users share inspires us every day, and we are honored to be able to guide players on such a unique journey, embodying the values ​​that Wonder Woman stands for.”

“The Nemesis system has raised the bar for these kinds of experiences and we’re thrilled to be able to push this open world genre forward, combining great action and creative stories to create the Wonder Woman bond everyone loves to play.”

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