Woman found dead in alleged sex crime

Woman found dead in alleged sex crime

Mossos d'Esquadra agents are investigating the death of a woman who was found last Friday afternoon in her home in the Sant Martí area with signs of violence. Investigation sources indicate that the victim, who is over 30 years old, suffered several stab wounds in various parts of his body, which led to various vital organs being affected.

Although the Mossos family follows several hypotheses, everything points to a new case of sexual violence, as research sources explained to EL PERIODICO.

At approximately 12:45 on Friday, officers received notification that the victim's body had been discovered inside an apartment in the Navas neighborhood, in the Sant Martí region. In response to this call, police patrols from Citizen Security accompanied by an ambulance from the Emergency Medical System (SEM) went to the house and found the woman already dead.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Department began investigations to identify the victim and clarify the alleged murder. Because the death was violent, scientific police officers began looking for possible signs of criminality within the home that would allow them to prove the victim's connections to other people.

A search of the area was also conducted to find security cameras close to the building that gave clues to the case. Additionally, agents are trying to determine the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

The investigation is being conducted under court-ordered secrecy, with agents searching for the possible person responsible for the murder and investigating the victim's surroundings, as the male violence hypothesis gains more ground.

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Her roommate

It was the roommate who found the woman's body with signs of violence in her home in San Martí, Barcelona, ​​which some neighbors claim to have seen in recent days with a friend who lives in France.

If this is confirmed, this will be the fourth victim of a sexist crime in Barcelona this year and the fifteenth in Catalonia, and thus the year 2023 will record the largest number of murders of this type since 2012 in Catalan society.

Last year, 12 sexual crimes were recorded, while the number reached 14 in 2021. In Spain as a whole, this will be the 56th death, the worst number, along with 2019, in eight years.

Spain witnessed a truly black summer this year, with 19 women killed due to sexual violence between the months of June, July and August.

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