Beer, don’t put this on the table: it contains glyphosate

Beer, don’t put this on the table: it contains glyphosate

After wheat contained glyphosate, beer also became among the end products being accused of containing the world’s most widely used herbicide.

Glyphosate beer –

Before putting your “blond” on the table, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the brand you choose to buy. The results are reported in a file titled “The blonde fool“. Some French tests showed that some beer brand Contain Effects of glyphosateHerbicide used in agriculture and some effects of toxic substances.

Beer with glyphosate: what is it and what are the harms to health

Glyphosate is a widely used herbicide in agriculture and environmental conservation. L ‘IARCInternational Agency for Research on Cancer, has ruled on glyphosate.”carcinogenic“, while theFinancial Supervisory Authority downgraded the herbicide to “possibly carcinogenic”. There are many scientific studies to validate the thesis that glyphosate is a hormonal disorder, and it reduces the levels of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

In women, the herbicide leads to a predisposition to cancer of the ovaries, uterus and other reproductive organs.

Effects of beer glyphosate –

There are several studies that have shown that glyphosate enhances programmed cell death and induction of necrosis. It is a genotoxic substance, which destroys genetic information inside the cell.

Beer with glyphosate: French tests

L ‘French National Consumer Institute He conducted a series of tests involving 45 brands of beer. The goal was to search for 250 molecules considered more or less toxic to the human body. Glyphosate was found in 25 samples of those who underwent the French test.

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Effects of beer glyphosate –

In addition to herbicides, French testing has shown that some brands of beer contain Effects of folate, boscalide and some fungicides. Lifebuoy They analyzed French test results in depth and identified beer brands by analyzing quantities of potentially toxic substances.

Beer with glyphosate: watch out for these brands

As evidenced by the results of the French tests, it has been determined 16 brands of beercontaining traces of glyphosate. Among the brands you should pay close attention to:

  • 6 Original Intense Blond, which has a glyphosate concentration of 0.62 μg/L
  • Afligem Blonde, in which the concentration of glyphosate is equal to 9.23 mcg / l
  • La Cervoise des Ancetres, whose glyphosate concentration is 3.36 mcg/L
  • Guinnes Nitro IPA, which has a glyphosate concentration of 0.57 μg/L
  • Witte Lambic, whose glyphosate concentration is 1.43 mcg / l, suffered death.

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