Veroney, sales volume in the USA is increasing: +23.7% compared to 2020

Veroney, sales volume in the USA is increasing: +23.7% compared to 2020

The2021 for Veronne It has been a year with stars and stripes. In the US, Correggio’s historic sausage factory recorded a sales volume increase of 23.7% compared to 2020, a result that contributed to the company’s closing for fiscal year 2021 with global revenue of €140 million. In the first quarter of 2022, the trend of external growth, equal to 30%, was more encouraging, so much so that Veroni was confirmed in the US among the top 20 brands* – and by far the first Italian – within the range of free-service deli slice For all types of meat.

“This data is the result of the commitment that the entire company has put into the system and the company’s determination to offer 100% Italian meat and not just a product made according to an Italian recipe.comments Stefano VeroneyPresident of the Veroney Group.A choice that might be gritty and certainly complex has conquered the American public: more and more customers are discovering the “taste” of eating Italian, and learning to invest in the quality of a product completely different from what they’re accustomed to. Our cold cuts are bringing Italian food and wine culture to America.”

Innovative and successful business model

The goal of the Veroney Challenge, which began in 2016 when the shredding plant opened in New Jersey, has grown stronger over time. “We wanted to preserve the uniqueness of the products through exclusive production in our six factories on Italian soil, but at the same time we face the market with large sales volumes at affordable prices,” he explains. Stefano Veroney. “This choice led us to create an innovative and successful business model, which led to the development of job opportunities in both Italy and the United States.”

The art of Italian delicatessen is also appreciated abroad thanks to an unparalleled process. To ensure maximum safety, processed meat, even before it reaches the US, undergoes HPP (High Pressure Processing) processing which makes the products more microbiologically stable, storable, and safe, thanks to the softening process by hydrostatic pressure times higher than Atmosphere.

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The cured meat arrives in the US by sea, in special temperature-controlled containers, then sliced ​​and packaged in “clean rooms” at your local Logan office. A competitive advantage that allows Veroni to adapt more flexibly to the needs of the local market, proposing a wide range of packaging and matching variants, always characterized by very high quality and safety standards.

A distinctive aspect of the corporate strategy adopted in the states is its roots in the local lands. Correggio’s historic Cured Meat Factory has the advantage of replicating the Italian model of the Emilia Cured Meat District also in New Jersey, where local partners and employees live near the Logan plant, creating an “American Cured Meat Pole” according to Veroni’s value of the model: the authenticity of ancient recipes, following the latest standards of innovation and technology in the sector.

“For Italians,” he says, “food is synonymous with gastronomy, table pleasure and aesthetic research.” Emanuela PeggyAnd marketing manager by Veroni. “A unique combination that we want to bring to the American market thanks to the offer of products that are able to truly replicate the Italian consumer experience. From here, real collections such as the Enjoy AperiTime or Charcuterie Party Tray trays were born that serve up the tastes and flavors of our tradition to recreate an authentic Italian aperitif, a ritual that is also gaining ground in the United States.”

Cured meat: trending products in the US market, synonymous with moments of social contact

Today, cured meats are one of the most popular specialties in America: according to a survey conducted by Veroni in 2021 in collaboration with an American research institute, 78% of American consumers like to eat cured meats in the company of friends or family. It is no coincidence that the “cheese plate and charcuterie”, the exquisite delicacies of cold cuts and cheeses created by enthusiasts, have proliferated on social media as a real phenomenon and represent the latest trend capable of reproducing the best of American homes. Italian aperitif.

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Verone at the 21st Cibus in Parma: Mortadella Briosa, BrioBrain and Toladolsa

Cured meat is being sold on the American market at the center of the 21st edition of Cibus, the international agri-food fair organized by Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare, which is currently running until Until May 6, which American buyers expect, among other things. for this occasion, Veronne It set up a platform of 180 square meters where the excellence of Italian production will be accompanied by the best products sold in the United States: in particular, for the Italian market, delicious BrioBrain breakfast and Toladolsa beer will be served for the Italian market.

* Data source: IRI US Luncheon Meat

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