Wild Moose, Luis Sal responds to Videz: “I felt sidelined, it became his podcast” – VIDEO

Wild Moose, Luis Sal responds to Videz: “I felt sidelined, it became his podcast” – VIDEO

Luis Salle broke his silence about his extended absence from the Wild Moss podcast, which he conducted with Fedez, a day after the rapper released what happened. He does so through a video posted to his YouTube podcast channel, “I hope he doesn’t take it down, because it’s my channel too, for now.” The main reason, according to the author, could have been the protagonist Fides. “It shouldn’t have been another place Fides was talked about, but over time, those places became unavailable. I referred to him in many ways, as a friend, and also mentioned him in the comments,” he explains. YouTubers. «I felt marginalized in my own project, and I felt that I was not listened to either in the creative or executive part because it acted without involving me in many aspects. He apologized to me and carried on.”

Separation in 2023

As Fedez also explained in his video, Luis Salle did not approve of the project linked to San Remo. “But in the end we went,” the 25-year-old confirms, “and I supported him in many other things. But when it came to listening to me, nothing». In 2023, after the Sanremo experience, Sal and Fdez had a discussion about the direction of the project. In fact, according to Sal, Wild Moss has now warped his nature. So Fedez proposes to the creator to take a break, and then urges him to find a solution: “I am no longer in the project, there is no balance and it seems that it is just a podcast for Fedez,” the colleague replies. Faced with the prospect of shutting down the podcast, which according to Sall could have been avoided by finding a middle ground, Fedez was refusing. “You can’t take my podcast away from me,” he allegedly said, “You bitch, don’t show up at Moose again.” It was then that the rapper would give his lawyer a mandate to resolve the matter.

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The farewell episode

“This was the last direct interaction between me and Federico,” Sall explains. “Then I was contacted by one of his assistants who told me to record a new episode of the podcast.” The episode is taped and the issue explodes in the comments: Sal is not here. And here Fedez was proposing a solution. Sal had to sell him his shares: they would have recorded an episode, with an agreed script in which Sal would have to apologize for his absence. Fedez would pay him, under an obligation of confidentiality, and he would buy 50 percent of it. This, at least, is Sal’s account, which will certainly not be the final chapter in this story. “I didn’t want to be a part of this little game,” Sale concludes. “He’s so good at it. But I don’t want to play. Tell your mother and tell the lawyer.

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