“The spirit of service is not working.”

Lots of residents Small mountain townsThese people suffer, especially those far from main communication routes Shortcomings of home delivery Provided by different courier companies.

The main reason is that it is not economically profitable for companies to make these trips, and therefore, they choose to try to convince the recipients to do so. They go to collect parcels in the capital of their region. It is a situation they are often unaware of when making the purchase, as they expect the product to arrive at their door.

To put an end to this situation, about fifty of the 250 residents of the Vansa Valley and Toxnet have organized themselves on a platform to demand improved service.

Toxent (Alt Urgell), as seen from the access road (ACN)

The population gathering was launched at the end of November, and in one month, it has already been noted that up to six parcels have been returned to their source. one of its members, Mario Matasays that this ends up being the result when there is no agreement between the courier company and the recipient of the product to make the delivery, usually in the provincial capital.

In addition, they encounter situations where the company requires them to rent and pay for private transportation, when the pre-contracted service includes the delivery of the purchase to their door.

Mata points out that they realize that they live an hour's drive from headquarters, so they are already resigned to not receiving packages within 24 hours. However, they believe that these companies should at least give them some choice.

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Mario Mata, a Tuxent resident, is about to enter his home with a package (ACN)

They also found that, although they were the main victims, they could not file a claim directly with the Catalan Consumer Agency because this step would have to be taken by the person contracting the courier service. For this reason, they decided to get to the bottom of the problem and then talk to companies and find solutions.

Another neighbor of the valley, Horace BoutellaHe also describes the same problem and claims a lack of “spirit of service” on the part of some private carriers. He also points out some of the frequent notifications recipients of these packages receive:

“A lot of times they stay at headquarters, say they called you and you don't answer when you've been waiting 24 hours for the package, because you know it should arrive and you need it.”

The other affected municipality is the municipality of Sant Esteve de la Sarga, in Pallars Jossa, just over thirty minutes by car from the provincial capital. your mayor, Jordi NavarraHe believes that these shortcomings should not occur because of the issue of regional balance. So, while he understands the workers providing the service, he believes companies should look for solutions to deliver packages.

Now, many residents are choosing to provide an alternative address for their home in Tremp. Even this choice is made by the council itself, which has a public assistance office in the capital, Pallars Jusa.

But the days of that are numbered, as work is underway to move the council to a building in the municipality. From this moment Navarre is considering filing a complaint if they continue to not receive service and even Raising it to the county level considering that this problem affects many other cities.

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these Accidents do not usually occur in the public service provided by the Post Office, as postmen regularly travel to these municipalities. Another difficulty they face is that many of them do not have street names or house numbers, making it difficult to locate them.

In this sense, it is also repeated that The couriers ask the neighbors to go and look for the package at the entrance to the city Instead of taking it home.

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