April 1, 2023

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United States, a car crashed into the gate of Capitol Hill and then caught fire: the driver shot and then committed suicide

Saturday night, a man smashed his car into a fender Capitol HillThe US Congress, which is closed for the summer recess. Immediately after the collision, the car caught fire while the driver started to do so shoot Then he committed suicide. “The man was getting out of the car, it caught fire,” Capitol Hill Police said in a statement, adding that “the man fired several shots into the air along East Capitol Avenue.” According to the American radio, Fox NewsNo one will be injured in the accident. still unknown Reasons of this gesture.

The accident happened a few hours after the accidentkilling byFBI man, Ricky Schaeffer42, who tried to raid the headquarters of the Federal Office in Cincinnati, in Ohio. The attacker posted violent reactions and comments online on news of house searches Donald Trump In Mar-a-Lago, Florida. It is believed that Schaeffer, who was shot dead at the end of a long confrontation with the police, would have participated in the assault on Capitol Hill on January 6 last year, but it was not considered a potential imminent threat. As reported by the American media, Ricky Schaeffer began spreading violent messages against federal agents after the raid in Mar-a-Lago.

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