Where to retrieve the channel that will disappear from Monday

Where to retrieve the channel that will disappear from Monday

You lost your favorite channel due to the news of digital terrestrial broadcasting: here’s what to do, do not panic.

How many of us change DTT? It is enough to give us headaches almost every day. On the other hand, we warned you that a file Changes are still on the horizonAnd it will not suffice to reset the channels on the first day.

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This is the price to pay for connecting new technology to 5G in our TVs and set-top boxes, which will allow us to get a better view of the picture. Northern Italy has almost completely solved its problems, because the operation sponsored by MiSE has been completed and is now preparing to go down to other regions. Will there still be problems? Yes, some channels will disappear, here’s what we need to do.

How to solve digital earth problems

We remember that several months ago there were movements aimed at accommodating all Italians, who own televisions of the older generation, and above all with little prospect of purchase, such as the famous Bonus TV, which, however, we found out that it was not only one weapon sent by the government . There is also a way to Receive a free decoderand now there is also the possibility to exploit TV Cancellation Bonus. This is a 20% discount on the sale price and a maximum of 100 euros, but only if it is in conjunction with the cancellation of the old TV.

But let’s go back to the topic of “nuisance”, that is, this little disturbance that occurs in each zone, with the new tuning of the channels. Some seem to disappear from the table, but it is clear that it is fully functional. and then, What do we do when we no longer see them? Just go ahead with the classic reformat, so we can find the specific channel that interests us.

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In these hours, the operation reaches Abruzzo and Molise. Apparently, ducts can disappear in many homes Grid 8 And the Rete8 Sport. And the same announcer issued a call, so that spectators would not abandon him. From Monday, March 28 through April 7, tuning of the TV and receiver unit may be required. Just in case, remember that the procedure to reset the channels is always easy, and it is always the same. Starts from existingthen tap Settings and then, initialization. The two books that may appear are: Channel search or Auto adjust. Choosing between one of these two, you still have to solve the main problem.

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