When Science Meets Investigation, Talk Show with Luciano Garofano and Valerio Varesi –

When Science Meets Investigation, Talk Show with Luciano Garofano and Valerio Varesi –

On June 29, in Lesignano, on the occasion of the Lesignano Respira Cultura Festival, he met Luciano Garofano and journalist Valerio Varesi. With the sun setting in the background, Varese interviews the former RIS captain for Parma live, in talk show format.

Through his questions, Luciano Garofano made clear the close relationship that exists between science and police investigations. The history of collaboration between the two disciplines began in the 1980s, when scientists realized that it was possible to identify an individual by its DNA. In the United States, in 1986, two murders were solved for the first time thanks to DNA. Today, biological traces are the first things experts look for at crime scenes and allow the majority of cases to be solved. This is why it is so important to preserve the crime scene, because DNA traces can also be invisible. Indeed, Garofano has repeatedly insisted on the importance of training rescuers and local police on how to behave at a crime scene so as not to contaminate it or spoil any potential finds.

Even if awareness has grown in recent years, thanks in part to the many science fiction stories, we can’t forget cases like the murder of Meredith Kercher that remain unsolved in part due to contamination of evidence. The fact that there are no strict protocols for surveys but it totally depends on the level and experience of the staff. Luciano Garofano, who gave concrete examples, including famous cases such as that of Yara Gambiracio and the more or less well-known Cogne crime, stressed the importance of cooperation between the police, the prosecutor and the forensic police. As he explains, “everyone should feel part of a team, involved in the solution,” because only through teamwork can crime be solved.

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At the end of the evening we had the opportunity to speak with the Mayor of Liciniano, Advocate Sabrina Alberini, who made the following statement to us: «I am very happy and proud to receive this evening as guests, General Luciano Garofano and Valerio Varese. which offered the citizens of Lisignano an evening of in-depth analysis of the most famous court cases in the national press. It was also a powerful and in-depth evening of what concerns our entire entourage, and thus the work being done by the forces of order and the reflection on what is the difference between fact and historical and procedural truth. I must say I hope there will be other important notes like this again with Luciano, which will give us the opportunity to go into more depth in view of the success of the evening. »

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