When does summer 2024 start? Will it be too hot?

When does summer 2024 start?  Will it be too hot?
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Summer 2024 in the Northern Hemisphere will begin at 22:51 hours Subordinate Thursday, June 20According to calculations by the National Astronomical Observatory (Instituto Geográfico Nacional). The duration of the season is 93 days and 16 hours. Until September 22When autumn begins.

today June 20 The sun will rise at 6:17 a.m. and won’t set until 9:28 p.m., for a total of just over 15 hours and 10 minutes of sunlight (six more than on the winter solstice). The longest day of the year thus The shortest night of the year Which, contrary to popular belief, is not St. John’s Church.

The sun that day will have risen 72.1 degrees above the horizon. It’s the time of year when the sun is at its highest, and therefore the day of year when we cast the smallest shadow at noon. Curiously, in the tropics (at 23.4 degrees latitude) the sun on the solstice arrives exactly perpendicular (90 degrees), so if we had been there that day, at noon, we would not have cast a shadow.

After the eighth warmest spring of the 21st century, summer begins, which remains cold and rainy for a while DanaIt is expected to be very hot throughout Spain and It could be among the warmest 20% registered so far. This is what the two large seasonal patterns indicate. Both the US and European models predict average summer temperatures to be higher than normal.

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The anomalous temperature, according to the American model (NOAA), will be about one degree Celsius in the entire Catalan territory. For its part, the European model (ECMWF) predicts a probability of between 80 and 90% that the average temperature this summer will be higher than the climatological average.

Regarding RainfallMeteorological agency spokesman Ruben del Campo said this quarter could be drier than usual, especially in the north and interior of the peninsula.Emmett) who warned that forecasts regarding summer rains should be taken “with caution.”

In a press conference to present the seasonal forecast for the summer and the climate balance for the spring, Del Campo pointed out that the summer that begins Thursday “has not just begun,” although Friday is a “step” with more normal temperatures for the season. In these cold days.

Regarding astronomical events, the most anticipated events are traditional ones Tears of Saint Lawrence. The Perseids will reach their peak in mid-August. You can also note delta bucketsThe maximum is expected to be reached at the end of July. mart, Jupiter I Saturn They will be visible before sunrise.

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