Rovira joins the ERC renewal statement while Junqueras calls for an internal debate away from the media

Rovira joins the ERC renewal statement while Junqueras calls for an internal debate away from the media

Internal debate at the ERC continues. This Wednesday, the two most visible faces of the party, the Republican Party’s head to date, will emerge. Oriol Junqueras And the Secretary-General, Marta Rovira They had their say after the announcement of a statement from the Esquerra bases calling for a “general renewal of the leadership” of the formation. They both confirmed that they were sharing the content of the message and that it was “accepted by anyone affiliated with the ERC.” Regarding internal debate, Junqueras calls for this Away from the media.

In an interview with Catalunya Radio, Rovira confirmed this If you go to the statement. He said, “If they want to put my name as a popular extremist and not as Secretary-General, let them put it. I agree with what he is proposing.” Although the Republican did not want to take a position on Junqueras’ intention to run for re-election as President of the ERC, the Secretary General admitted that they now hold conflict About what they need to do as “militants in the organization.”

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“The content of the statement is very acceptable to anyone who is part of the ERC.”

Rovira, who was a member of the European Parliament, noted, “The content of the statement is very acceptable to anyone who belongs to the Reform and Reform Party. It asks us to think deeply, to breathe fresh air, and to face the challenges of the new political cycle.” He admitted that the statement was normal after “four consecutive elections in which the Constitutional Reform Party lost support at the ballot boxes.” Rovira has already announced 12 months after the elections that he will leave the position of Secretary General of the ERC for the Congress in November.

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For his part, in an interview with Rac1, Junqueras also confirmed that he shares “many of the things said in the statement”, but did not clarify whether he felt challenged. Regarding the internal discussion of the ERC, he called for this to be completed Away from the media“Internal discussions must be held internally, and the Red Crescent has bodies such as the National Conference in which these matters are discussed. Clothes, whether dirty or clean, are always better to wash and hang out at home.” He said

Despite the contradictions, Junqueras made it clear that he “loves” Rovira very much, and that she is his “girlfriend.” Rovira also denied that they had a “broken pear.” “Everyone has his own opinion about what he should do as a member of the organization,” the Republican commented.

Junqueras assured that he would devote himself to research “Laval renewal” Of the Republican rules to run for re-election to the National Convention. “I resigned to take responsibility,” he said. “Many people abroad and at home asked to take responsibility. It is important that we are able to listen to militancy under equal conditions.”

About a possible electoral repeat

Regarding the future government of the state, Rovira stressed that although the country does not deserve this, the ERC is ready for a new government. Electoral redundancy He warned that if this scenario occurred, it would be the “responsibility” of the Peaceful Council and the factions, and they are the ones who must “take action.” Rovira publicly announced that he had a name in mind as the party’s candidate. Head of the General Government, Peter Aragoneshas already announced that he will not recur as head of the roster after Patacada 12 AD.

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As for Negotiation When opened, Rovira warned that there could be no agreement on “good faith” because people no longer trust the ERC. “We lost votes and support because we relied too much on the Socialist Workers’ Party and the Socialist Party. We no longer have any credit,” he said. Rovira added that the ERC is “in no hurry” but also warned that those who won the elections “will panic” or lead the country to a rerun.

As for Gintz, Rovira said Carles Puigdemont’s party “should help create a scenario that the people of the DRC see as more tactical than strategic.” He stressed that “we will not be responsible for repeating the elections if the parties that won the elections do not take action,” referring to the Peaceful Council and UNTS.

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